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Welcome back from Christmas holiday. How was your holiday???


My Christmas Holiday was quite a silent and peaceful one. Except, on the day. Well, together with the partners-in-crime, the life days will never go quiet.


On the day, we settled ourselves in this cozy warm cafe.

Haven Cafe

Cafe by Haven Cafe
Coffee by RAW Coffee
Groceries by Little Green Planet
Fresh bread & juice bar
Beauty & Skincare Products by Bodybar
Spa Treatments by Organique Therapies
Mom & Baby products by Tiny Tapir

Haven Cafe serves 100% organic and natural food. They use only the freshest ingredient which include the organic vegetables, grain & flour, beans & legumes; free-range chicken & eggs; grass-fed beef; chemical-free fish; and halal meat.

haven cafe
Photo by BroughtUp2Share

Love the bright and cozy ambiance of this cafe, especially the seats facing the huge glass door; overlooking the green space outside. Ahh yes, and the natural sunlight that shine through the glass door!


You can find RAW Coffee here too! Using Kees Van Der Westen “Speedster” machine, they serve good cuppa from the best coffee beans source from all over the world.


Cappuccino, Flat White & Mocha (RM 10 each)
Freshen up your day with a smooth and creamy cuppa with pretty latte art.


French Toast (RM 12)
Classic French Toast made with free range eggs, served with organic jam and raw rainforest honey.


Fluffy Pancakes (RM 12)
Stack of traditional pancakes served with butter, organic jam and raw rainforest honey.


Love this the most! The pancakes were really fluffy, with the melted butter and evenly spread with the jam and honey. It’s my thing for the breakfast! hmmm, wonder what’s their secret recipe that makes this sooo fluffy soft and light?!


Grilled Free Range Chicken Sandwich (RM 18)
Warm free-range grilled chicken, organic greens, tangy orange dressing.


Mushroom & Onions Sandwich (RM 14)
White button mushrooms, sauteed onions, organic greens.
I wish there were more fillings in this sandwich.


Have It Your Way (RM 18 – choose 3 items to be served with your bread)
We had the fresh mushroom, poached free range eggs and turkey ham.


Chicken & Mushroom Pot Pie (RM 18)
Kampung Chicken, Mushrooms, mixed root vegetables, cream sauce, puff pastry.


This creamy pot of mushroom cream sauce was very creamy and flaky pastry went great till the last drop of the soup. However, the soup was a lil starchy to my liking.


Yay!!! This is what we called Christmas celebration!!! It’s the gift exchange session!!!


All I want is the biggest pressie, said everyone in heart.


Overjoyed with the present we got! With the couples from Eatonlylar!, kampungboycitygal and BroughtUp2Share





And we celebrated Chris’s birthday with the back to basic (a.k.a. all time favourite) too!



Haven Cafe
12, Jalan Ampang Hilir,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-4252 3100
Opens daily (except Monday) from 9.30am to 9pm
Coffee Bar opens till 5pm.


By the way, love going organic for your skin too?! Check out the Food for Skin !!!

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Comments (28)

<3 celebration like this. n next week is ur day!

yea, love it! 😀
aiksss, dunno i should be happy or not

Wah, the latte art on those coffees are nice!

they are pretty! don’t you think so???

The bread pudding looks thick. Merry Xmas everyone!

haha, that’s french toast lar…
happy Xmas to you too! and happy new year!

Happy Belated X’mas to u, Aiwei!
Such a great venue for gift exchange day!
I think the 1st thing dat I’ll try out is Cappuccino! ^^

Happy Xmas and happy new year to you too!
A great cuppa in the morning works best for a whole day! right? hehe.

I like your food photography! And this Haven Cafe’s ambience looks good, very bright & comfortable type.

Thank you 🙂
ahhh yes, this cafe has got a bright and cozy ambiance. if you love bright and natural place, here is ur place 😀



A New Year Wish for You Wishing you a year that brings Good friends, good health, good luck, good things! Happy New Year!

Thank you, babe_kl.
may you have a wonderful start in the brand new year! cheers and happy new year!

Wow, you posted so fast! Haha, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I had fun that day! =)

haha, mana fast wor?! CC and kbcg posted first! hehe
yea, had fun that day. we should do this more often. hehe! happy new year wer!

Happy New Year Ivy!

happy new year to you choi yen 😀

superb shot. may i know the brand of your camera?

Hi, I am using nikon D90 where all the food photos and few of the photos of us are done by this camera. while the other photos of us are done by my friend 😀

Haven! Love the natural light there.

Such pretty Christmas boys and Christmas girls… and now it’s time for another round of greetings:

Have yourself a bigger, better, brilliant-er 2012, dear! Happy New Year! 😀

happy New Year Kenny 😀
may you have a wonderful new year and do buy urself a great breakfast on the start of the year.

Happy New Year to you dear!! yea… next week ur turn! hehhe

happie new year dear =]
hehe, noted. and can’t wait till the day. muahaha. cheers!

Hehe, I had a great time with you all! Nice cafe, good food, good company and excellent cake! Love your photos!

Thanks dear 🙂
love celebration like this. we really should do it more often. why all of you so busy one?! i start missing you guys d aaaaaaaaaaa

Heya! Love this post and love the photos of the coffee. Just wondering if we could have a couple of the coffee shots? Would love to post them up on our FB page!

hi Marcus, sure!!!
which particular pics you love to have?
you could email me or direct download it from my flickr album 🙂

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