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We made a pit stop for coffee after a walk in Maizuru Park , a power shot is definitely much needed especially after a red eye flight. Glad to find that there is a coffee place I always wanna go, after getting to know it from social media, it has been also sitting in my Fukuoka to go list.

FUK coffee (10)


Located about 3 minutes’ walk from Ohorikoen (Ohori Park) Station, FUK COFFEE is a specialty coffee shop in Fukuoka, naming after the airport code for Fukuoka (FUK). FUK COFFEE in Gionmachi is packed with airline and aviation feels, giving you an atmosphere as though you are in airport, heading off for a trip. As for FUK COFFEE @ Parks , it has a more chiller park feel with some greens decorated around the space.

FUK coffee (1)

FUK coffee (2)

FUK coffee (9)

FUK coffee (5)

FUK coffee (6)

Hot Latte (¥ 550) with an add on flight (¥ 20) for the gram. Creamy milky, I love my dose. Japanese milk always makes the latte tastes extra delicious!

FUK coffee (4)

Sakura Lemonade (¥ 650)
A seasonal item that appeared only in March; came in pinkish sweet hue, with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and garnished with a sakura bud. Fizzy with a hint of creaminess!

FUK coffee (3)

Lemonade (¥ 500) at your choice of water, soda or make it hot. There is a minimum order of drink for each patron. Therefore, this appeared at our table. LOL.

FUK coffee (8)

The Custard Pudding (¥ 500) is something that caught my attention in the very first place when I was flipping through the social media. Eggy smooth pudding, very milky too; topped with a huge ball of Vanilla Ice Cream (¥ 100), this is the must have in FUK COFFEE, and you will see almost every table has this order! It was doink doink in texture, super silky smooth egg custard pudding served with bittersweet burnt caramel syrup. It was very memorable!

FUK coffee (7)

Getting here:
About 3 mins’ walk from Ohorikoen (Ohori Park) Station.

1-4-20, Arato Chuo-ku,
Fukuoka 810-0062
Opens from 8am to 10pm

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