FUKUOKA: Maizuru Park 舞鶴公園

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maizuru park ume (19)

Here to save down some Ume (plum) blossom I got from Maizuru Park in early March. Ume blossom is normally bloom in late winter to early spring, which is in February to March, right before cherry blossom season.

I was very keen and hopping to catch up some ume, thinking the peak was over and the blooms could be lesser. Still, I was lucky to be able to get a few ume blossoms during my visit to Fukuoka in early March.

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Soon after we slurped up our bowl of ramen in Hakata Ikkousha Ramen , we headed off to Maizuru Park, which is just a short distance away from Ohori Park, near the Fukuoka Castle Ruins.

Maizuru Park 舞鶴公園

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Fukuoka Castle’s Ruins are located in Maizuru Park; the castle used to be the largest castle in Kyushu but was torn down, leaving the castle stone wall standing strong in this area. The park has an athletic field and various sports facilities too.

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maizuru park ume (20)

The reason I picked up Maizuru Park instead of Ohori Park this time, that’s because I found that here in Maizuru Park, there are many different flowering sections such as ume, cherry blossom, wisteria, peony, lotus, camellia, iris, azalea. So if you come at the right timing, right flowering season, you will be able to catch different blooms.

However, there is some walking activity to do as the park is slightly further away from Ohorikoen subway station, about 10 to 15 minutes’ walk, and it comes with some hilly walking activity to reach to the castle ruins area.

maizuru park ume (5)

We walked passed the peony garden and reached to the wisteria area. It’s gonna be really wow in late april to early May.

maizuru park ume (6)

maizuru park ume (17)

But yes, I still managed to catch some ume blooms! Not many, but there were still some!

maizuru park ume (22)

maizuru park ume (18)

maizuru park ume (16)

maizuru park ume (1)

maizuru park ume (7)

maizuru park ume (8)

Slowly walk up the hill; it was actually the castle keep but now serving as an observation deck overlooking Fukuoka’s city view.

maizuru park ume (9)

maizuru park ume (11)

maizuru park ume (12)

maizuru park ume (15)

Randomly picked up this daifuku from Hakata Station and it tasted so delicious!

maizuru park ume (14)

maizuru park ume (10)

Getting here:
About 10 mins’ walk from Ohorikoen (Ohori Park) Station, near the Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Maizuru Park
Maizuru Park, Jonai, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, Japan 〒810-0043 

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