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I am melting…………………………

The weather lately isn’t that easy to tolerate. For the past weeks, there were rains and cool breeze and all. But this week, the weather is totally upside down. The sun roars as strong as it can be. Today is another scotching hot day; I wish I could just stuff myself in the fridge… but wait, I could have some cold stuff 😀

At Sweet Hut


Sweet Hut Sesame Snow Ice (RM 8.90)
Yes, I need ice to lower down the body temperature. This it is! 
Intensified with strong Sesame flavour, not too sweet, icy cold for the hot day. The most important thing, sesame or goma is my favourite!


Fresh Milk Oreo Snow Ice with Caramel Pudding (RM 10.90)

The shredded ice was made with milk, finally garnished with some oreo cookies flakes and the doink doink Caramel Pudding. Hmm, this was just alright and I would prefer a milk-ier ice. 

Milk Almond Pudding and Mango with Sago Pomelo Soup 北海道牛奶冻糕伴杨枝甘露 (RM 8.90)
There were milk almond pudding, mango, sago, pomelo… 
Similar to the yong ji kam lou but with additional of the pudding. 


Sesame and Almond Soup 芝麻糊杏仁糊 (RM 6)
If you don’t fancy cold or chill desserts, they do have warm desserts like this one. 
As always, almond soup has got a slight hint of almond pungent taste that not everyone will love it. But I do love it 🙂 Additional of almond soup gave an extra kick to the black sesame soup.

Yay, by the time I finished writing this, I saw dark clouds up the sky… 🙂 

Sweet Hut
No 19-G, Kuchai Dynasty Central, 
Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur. 

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Comments (13)

We like sesame too! The desserts look much better than our visit… Perhaps we shall give it another try 🙂

your visit previously wasn’t that good?

Haiyooo…Im Melting too… especially the 1st one, looks superb tempting!! Bookmarked!

must try the first one if you love sesame. It is really good.

Wow, looks good! This place is so near my place but I have yet to try these items out, will try them soon!

haha, yeah, just IN your area. but a bit pricey. maybe next gathering with ur sentosa(s), you guys can come here

Ooh, do they have cendol-and-gula-melaka? That'd be a killer combo for the ices. 😀

P.S. Yup, still here and still blogging…

errrrr, nope. Don’t think they have cendol and gula melaka.
lolx, not tired after sitting all day long in phpastryhouse?

I m a lover of Goma also 🙂

Btw Coco.Tei serves d best homemade goma ice-cream in town…imho 😀

izzit?! i have yet to try coco tei. will try the goma out if there is chance. is their goma house-made one?

Yes…it’s house-made…a nutty delight 😀

Do also try their Yuzu sorbet…a sour delight 🙂

Or better yet their Wasabi ice-cream…a throat-tingling sensation 🙂

Btw…nice new home u have here 🙂

wahh, guess you have tried out all flavours from their menu! cool! next time if wanna dine in here, gotta ask you about their good stuff here.
thanks, but this new thing is driving me crazy @@
no fun at all

You have nice new space here. Fabulous shots! I have been to B.I.G. but did not have time to check out the food there.

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