Patisserie RUI @ Mont Kiara, KL

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sugar cubes

It was a lazy afternoon with the cousin. I have actually thought of Publika for late lunch; but i knew, our tummies couldn’t accommodate lots. Therefore, I picked up Patisserie RUI for a cousin-sisters-tete-a-tete session. 

patisserie rui
patisserie rui ambiance

A clean, comfy and inviting dining area in pink-purplish hue. 

red velvet cupcake

Red Velvet Cupcake (RM 3.50) was the only flavour available that day; appeared red and crumbly. 

crumbly red velvet cupcake

With whipping cream on the cake and cake crumbs were sprinkled over it. Unlike the one I had in Hummingbird, this was very very very very very light and spongy soft in texture. 

fruit roll aka swiss roll

Fruit Roll (Rm 4). Similar to swiss roll; with lots of fresh fruits and fresh whipping cream stuffed within the roll. I found huge chunks of kiwi(s) and a big whole strawberry in my slice of cake. 

white chocolate cheese cake

White Chocolate Cheese Cake (Rm 5)
The white chocolate cheesecakes was a less sweeter version; Very rich cheesy flavour, dense, velvety soft and smooth cheese cake. Love it. 


Caffeine fix for the day. Latte (RM7)

If you fancy lighter version of cakes, here is the place for you. If you love something denser and heavier, opt for their cheese cake. Their cakes are something I fancy; soft and light so that I can have more of them. Pricewise, very affordable 😀

anpanman bike

Spotted an anpanman bike resting outside the shop 

Patisserie RUI
G1B, Mt Kiara Meridin
19, Jalan Duta Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours: Monday to Saturday, 10am – 8pm 
Direction: If you are coming from Solaris, drive towards Plaza Mont Kiara, Patisserie RUI will be in the building located on your right hand side just before the 90 degree turn into the main road of Mont Kiara. 

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