TTR Burnt Cheese Cake X CDLC Burnt Caramel Ice Cream @ The Tokyo Restaurant, KL

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Alright, who hasn’t tried out the famous 6th Avenue Cheese Cake from The Tokyo Restaurant?! I believe everyone has heard much about it. And well, they are now serving new things!!! Crème De La Crème has collaborated with The Tokyo Restaurant and launched two new ice cream flavours just recently– the Burnt Caramel Cheesecake and Tokyo La Crème.

TTR x CDLC (9)

TTR x CDLC (5)

TTR x CDLC (6)

TTR x CDLC (11)

Burnt Caramel (Rm 13)
Burnt caramel ice cream swirled with TTR burnt cheesecake, the texture was smooth and rich, ended with a soft hint of burnt bitterness, which paired perfectly well with the famous 6th Avenue Cheesecake as below I must say!

TTR x CDLC (7)

TTR Burnt Cheese Cake with Burnt Caramel Ice Cream (Rm 28)
When the two best(s) meet together, they create a new wow! Plated prettily and touched with hazelnuts and caramel! I really love to have ice cream to pair with cheesecake, which is always my perfect combo. Glad to see that they have this combination now instead of pairing it with cream!

TTR x CDLC (2)

TTR x CDLC (3)

Tokyo La Crème (Rm 13)
Made of Australian cream cheese, this light yet creamy cream cheese ice cream is texturized with the right proportion of TTR Burnt Cheesecake. So you will get both the chunky texture along with smooth ice cream texture at the same time.

Their matcha cheese cake is also another beautiful creation. Give it a try if you fancy matcha flavour!

TTR x CDLC (4)

TTR x CDLC (8)

The Tokyo Restaurant
The Table, Level 4
ISETAN The Japan Store KL
Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2119 2622
Operating hours: 11am till 11pm (last order: 10pm)

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