Anjappar Indian Chettinad Restaurant @ Brickfields, KL

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I have been craving for banana leaf rice for the longest time! I miss that Curry Leaf Restaurant’s banana leaf rice that comes with 7 vegetarian side dishes, all very flavorful and delicious! I think there is pretty hard to get these 7 types of vegetarian side dishes banana leaf rice in KL, but if you happened to know where to get it, please drop me at the comment space below.

So in order to satisfy the banana leaf rice craving, my friend took me to Anjappar Indian Chettinad Restaurant which is located in Brickfield for lunch.

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Anjappar Indian Chettinad Restaurant is established in Chennai in year 1964, serving authentic Chettinad cuisine with lots of aromatic spices and set it at a pocket-friendly price. To date, they have more than 70 outlets worldwide!

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Mango Lassi (Rm 8)
A refreshing drink to start and also end the meal!

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Garlic Naan (Rm 6.3)
Aromatic naan topped with chopped garlic. Still unable to forget the garlicky flavour. Yum!

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Butter Chicken Masala (Rm 18)
Chicken cooked in makhani gravy and finished with butter. This was very delicious! The gravy was very aromatic, thick, and creamy and hinted with a mild spicy kick. Best to go with the aromatic garlic naan.

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Palak Paneer (Rm 12.3)
Cottage cheese in smooth creamy delicious spinach gravy. Love it to go with both naan and rice.

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Bitter gourd (Rm 10)
Deep fried bittergourd marinated in curd and special masala, love this thinly sliced vege, battered and deep fried into perfection, able to remain its crunchiness for a long time.

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Chicken Biriyani (Rm 17)
With chicken pieces marinated with spices and gently cooked in basmati rice, served along with red onion yogurt salad and spicy gravy, comes with a hard-boiled egg in the rice too!

anjappar (9)

anjappar (10)

Anjappar Regular Meals (Rm 11.7)
Here comes my most anticipated banana leaf rice. Comes with plain rice, chicken gravy, mutton gravy, fish gravy, rasam, sambar, kootu, poriyal, keerai, curd and a piece of crispy paper-thin applam.
Side dishes can be refillable basis and there were only 2 vege dishes. Craving can be satisfied for a while for now but I still miss the Curry Leaf Restaurant’s one very much. Maybe I should really head down Seremban one day. LOL.

anjappar (12)

Get messy with everything mix together ! Yum!

anjappar (7)

Anjappar Indian Chettinad Restaurant
136, Jalan Tun Sambanthan,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.
Opens daily from 10am to 11pm

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