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It’s Monday again, sigh…
I know, no one will ever like Mondays. Same here.
Bring forward the post weekends mood, the Monday passes extremely slow.

Tik… tok… tik… tok…


Something sweet to cheer up on Monday??? That will be my favourite – Desserts!

Pick Me Up



A close to four months old desserts house; tucked here in the forever busy food hub Kuchai Entrepreneur Park. Unlike the other desserts houses that focus on only a type of desserts, Pick Me Up serves a variety of desserts as well as some light savoury snacks that fit for all.


Ice cream burritos – Mango or Banana (RM 5.50 per roll)
The pancake-burrito is filled with vanilla ice cream, crushed peanuts and choice of Mango or Banana. Something new and different to me; all of us love the banana one as we find banana was more compatible with the ice cream



Chilli Chic Quesadilla (RM 8.50)
Stuffed with Flavourful minced chicken


Chilli Fries (RM 8.0)
Minced chicken chilli with melted cheese on top and served along with fries. Savouries are great to go along with the sweet ones.


Fruity Tower (RM 12.90)
Pick Me Up’s signature dessert.
Layers of blueberry shaved ice, mango shaved ice and strawberry shaved ice were hold together by thin layers of vanilla ice cream. On the side were the toppings such as mango chunks, taro balls, pearls, and nata de coco. This dessert is designated for sharing and it can be shared among 3 to 4 persons. When having it, you could mash the shaved ice for the medley of flavours or have them flavours by flavours.


Taiwanese Tower (RM 12.90)
The Taiwanese version of Fruity Tower is something new on the menu!
Layered with glass jelly ice, palm sugar ice and soya milk ice at the bottom; thin layers of red bean are sandwiched in between the ice. The sides consist of barley, taro balls, sweet potato balls and pearls. A very innovative idea it is, from the simple normal bowl of Taiwanese desserts to this Taiwanese Tower.


I love the idea, as well as the flavour they mixed and matched.


If ice-based desserts are not your thing, you could always try the frozen yoghurt. Priced at rm 6.50 and comes with 3 toppings of your choice. For us, we had the cornflakes, toasted oats and blueberry sauce. Yummieeee…


Nutella French Toast with Peanut Butter (RM 5.50)
Comes with 2 slices of toast that was thickly covered with sinful Nutella and Peanut butter each and topped with a scoop of ice cream. Who doesn’t love these?!


Nutella French Toast with Blueberry (RM 5.50)
Another version if Nutella French Toast where one of the toasts is spread with blueberry jam
Still prefer the peanut butter version over this.

I would say, here is a great place to hang out with friends and family, share a bowl of dessert or two. And do remember to check out the Towers as they are very special =)

Special thanks to Annie and Jared for the wonderful invitation and EatOnlyLar! for the arrangement for the evening.

Pick Me Up
35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03 – 79814983

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