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Off to go, off to go…

I will be flying off to Langkawi few hours later. I should be happy at this moment because finally I can go for a vacation with my secondary school gang. Vacation! That’s what I need. However…… I am taking the risk in studies. I am skipping the 5 hours lectures on Monday. Gosh!!! This is so no good. I am feeling very guilty now… How?! Do I manage to catch up with the lectures?! I don’t think so as second year’s courses are very tough! No eyes to see… sigh…

Anyway, me gonna celebrate the New Year eve in Langkawi. This should be another great experience with friends…

Dear Readers, Friends, Food Bloggers & Bloggers,


Muacksss 🙂

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Notti notti! But since it’s last day of the year..it’s forgivable! Hehe..enjoy your trip and Happy New Year to you!

happy new year day!! buy more chocolates and booze

Wow,i’m so jealous…u can go to Langkawi..i need to work on new year eve..haizzz….Buy more chocolate k..hehehe..

Happy New Year to you..Yipee….

*nice to meet u on that day 🙂

Happy New Year…. Happy 2008!!!

Hope you’ll th enjoy yourself to the max gal! Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!Ben reading ur blog for almost 1 month & this is 1st time i leave a comment here…. 🙂

Happy New Year ~ ^_^

dun worry lar..its just 5 hrs of study..trust me..i have skipped more then that..keke and i have graduated!

that’s what coursemates are for, right? have a great holiday!

Happy New Year! Enjoy yourself in Langkawi!

Enjoy yourself, we’re expecting more good pictures 🙂

Happy New Year to ALL ~

precious pea,
i know i m naughty… but din regret to go Langkawi with frens. it was real fun! hehe…

happy new year too! sore throat now b’cz too muchie chocolates n drank a lot >.<
happy new year too! haihz… skip class for trip is not a good thing. enjoyed the trip but suffering now

and nice meeting at the elephant.

enjoyed to the maxxx! how bout u?
how’s the sleep over mahjong party?

hi, thanks for dropping by. hope u do like my blog and happy happy new year to you.

aiks… my course very tough!!! or i shud say i m slow in catching up. very slow. now missed da lectures d and i have no idea what are they about now. sobz

happy new year to you.

nic (khkl),
haha, agree… now i keep distubing them a lot. hope i am not that annoying >.<
thanks! and my trip was fun but suffering now… and i m broke >.<
ling239 & new kid on the blog & celine,
happy new year too! happy 2008!

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