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When the BFF, WenChing is back to KL, this is what we did… spend a bit on our super hard-earned money and scream… Kampai!!!

Kame Sushi


Headed by chef Kame (or Kame-san), this is one of the most pioneer Japanese restaurants in KL that offers authentic omakase dining. Kame means turtle. This explains the presence of turtle pictorial on their signboard.


Forget about reading on the fancy menu because there is no menu at all in this omakase dining place. Omakase means お任せ “I’ll leave it to you”; you will just have to leave it to the chef to decide what’s on your plate today. Pretty interesting right? It will keep thing mystery until it is served on your table. Omakase set starts from Rm 150 to Rm 300. If you would like something fancy, you could add in more budgets for your set. Once you are seated, the staff will be there to take down the amount of budget you would like to spend on, as well as the food you don’t take. After that, just leave it to the chef to craft the omakase set that suit you best.

Let’s check out our experience.


Best to be seated at the bar counter. This is where you can interact with the chef and observe the making of fresh sushi before serving to you. Do you know that, Kame-san can speak pretty fluent bahasa?!


Sake before meal.
As usual, there is no menu on their beverage too. for the booze, the staff will ask for your preference, if you love something smooth or dry, have it hot or cold. And then the chef will match it up for you. We opted for the smoother version. Here came the Kagatobi Junmai Ginjyo sake produced by Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery in Ishikawa prefecture. It has a rich fruity aroma tasted refreshingly sweet. It was so easy to drink. For sure ladies will love this fruity sweet flavour of the sake.


We started off with the appetisers that came with the tofu slices and crunchy lotus roots and carrot. Both of us fancied the tofu slices very much. It was silky smooth with a melt-in-mouth effect and left with rich creamy flavour in the oral cavity.


The next course was the Sashimi Moriawase – kani, sweet shrimp, octopus, chutoro, and fresh fish slices (which I didn’t manage to capture the name). I started off with the lightest flavour first, so octopus was my pick. It was chewy in texture and a lil bland. I then moved on to the kani. How thoughtful they are, prepared the kani with the meat pulled out from the crabbie. It was very sweet and lovely. No hassles of pulling the meat job out from their hard shell. The fish slices were pretty special, served along with the gingery soy sauce.





I always leave the best for last. Just look at the marbling of chutoro. So pinkish, so pretty with the melt-in-mouth texture. Ahhh, shiawase!!! I cried for this. This was very very very x10 fresh; topped with a fresh wasabi and lightly touched with soy sauce, it gave me an ohh-my-god taste-expression. It was creamy too; also left the amai aftertaste lingered around the oral cavity.



Next, it was the grilled cod and another grilled fish (sorry, didn’t ask again) and served along with a slice of grilled sweet potato. The fish was firm and bouncy, tasted sweet and lil’ salty at the same time. Yum. The grilled sweet potato works like a palate cleanser before trying on the other grilled fish.



The staff then brought over bowls of warm braised radish topped with minced meat. It was really good. The radish has absorbed all the flavours; it was soft and sweet and salted with the minced meat and the seasoning that touched into the soup. And yes, we licked clean the bowl. No single drops of soup left in it.


Our fifth course was the lotus root sandwiched with minced meat and onions, and then deep fried into perfection. Crunchy lotus root with fragrant minced meat in between; another sweet and light–savoury combination.


Next up, sushi!!!


Noticed that there was uni sushi in our sushi platters, we both screamed over this.




A bowl of warm hearty miso soup was served and we continued slurp up till the last drops.


Okay, I must say we both were pretty crazy. Another bottle of sake on the table and this round, we opted for the drier version. Both were really good, personal preference, I like the earlier one better, with the sweet and fruity aroma.



The staff too, presented us a bowl of sake/beer snack – dried fish with a touch of Japanese mayonnaise and continued with our kampai session.


We then ended our meal with a scoop of goma ice cream.


It was a decent meal and the sets worth our hard-earned money spent over here. Ingredients they used are very fresh. To ensure the quality and the freshness, seafood here is flown in twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday.

Remember to make reservation before coming over, the place is small and filled up quickly on their hectic days.

Sushi Kame
20, Jalan 31/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2858-7739
Opening hours:
Tues – Sun
Lunch: 12pm – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10.30pm

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