Omakase 9 Signature Dishes @ Kin Gyu, Desa Sri Hartamas

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If you have not tried to Kin Gyu, here is the chance because they have this Omakase 9 Signature Dishes that is very value for money, priced at only Rm 150 per pax! At one price you will get to savour nine signatures dishes of Kin Gyu! Promo ends in April, which is until Sunday (tomorrow)! I do hope they will extend their promo, so more people get to try it (I also get to know about it very last min, I made my reservation asap after seeing Kampungboycitygal shared about it).

Kin Gyu is specializing in wagyu cuisine. The whole menu is filled with beef related dishes such as wagyu sushi, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, stewed beef, wagyu hamburger, grilled beef on Mount Fuji lava stone and many more beef dishes.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (15)

This omakase comes with 9 signature dishes, featuring all the signature dishes in Kin Gyu. Started with 3 Kinds of Appetizer, their signature Watercress & Arugula Salad, this very special Cream Cheese Tofu, hot piping Sea Urchin Chawan Mushi, Fried Shrimp Spring Roll, the very wow-ing our heart Roasted Premium Sirloin Sushi, 4 kinds of Omakase Premium Steak, Grilled Wagyu Pot Rice and finally the Black Sesame Ice Cream as a sweet ending.

Omakase 9 Signature Dishes

kin gyu omakase 9 course (3)

3 Kinds of Appetizer
Tamago, fried sweet potato coated with honey based sauce and boiled spinach with sesame sauce

kin gyu omakase 9 course (5)

Watercress & Arugula Salad
A mixture of watercress, arugula, tomato and boiled wagyu beef, dressed with sesame dressing.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (6)

Cream Cheese Tofu
Milky and cheesy tofu, silky smooth, touches with a sharpness of the grated wasabi.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (8)

Sea Urchin Chawan Mushi
Steamed egg with scallop, ginkgo nuts, white mushroom, topped with sea urchin and its sauce.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (10)

Fried Shrimp Spring Roll
Rolled with shrimp paste, perilla leaf and bamboo shoots.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (2)

Roasted Premium Sirloin Sushi
Thin slice of marbling sirloin, torched (or aburi) by the staff based on your cooked preference. We had ours medium. It was so tender and soft, compatible very well with the vinegared rice. The beef slice was literally just melt-in-mouth. Yummmmz.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (7)

kin gyu omakase 9 course (9)

kin gyu omakase 9 course (11)

4 kinds of Omakase Premium Steak
Four types of premium steak specially selected by Japanese head chef. You will be given a piece of hot lava stone from Mount Fuji that has been heated up over charcoal for the whole day, and then you may grill the beef on the lava stone based on your cooked preference. That day, I got parts like Zabuton (chuck flap), Hire (tenderloin), Sankaku Bara (Chuck Rib) and Kainomi (Flap Meat). Ohhh yummm, they were so creamy and succulent.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (12)

kin gyu omakase 9 course (13)

Grilled Wagyu Pot Rice
The staff will mix the condiments into the wagyu rice; let it set for a while before serving to the diners, finally garnished with nori. Very aromatic and flavourful, we also like it with the dashi!

kin gyu omakase 9 course (14)

kin gyu omakase 9 course (17)

Black Sesame Ice Cream
House made black sesame ice cream, loaded with white and black sesame bits that gave a crunchy texture to the ice cream.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (16)

We also added on a Rice Cake Ball with Red Bean Paste (Rm 21) served with matcha powder on top. We were asked to stir up everything evenly before enjoying it. Love this warm dessert that is loaded with doink doink soft mochi. You can also try pairing this with the black sesame ice cream, the combination was quite yummy too.

kin gyu omakase 9 course (1)

kin gyu omakase 9 course (18)

Not to miss out the fun dice game promotion for Whisky Soda Highball! We were really lucky to get same number each, and we scored a free glass of highball each! Yay! Lucky us!

kin gyu omakase 9 course (4)

金牛 Kin Gyu
1st Floor, No.8, Jalan 24/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 3515/ 012-214 2373

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