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Fans of red meat, here is another new place for you to get your marbled protein cravings satisfied… with premium wagyu!

Kin Gyu 金牛

Came from Nihonbashi, Tokyo; located just a right opposite from the sister restaurants, Shin Nihon (offer delicious beef yakiniku) and Toridoki (an izakaya specializing in yakitori). Its signboard is pretty small; you gotta pay extra attention and open your eyes big big to look for this golden bull head on the wall. To make your life easy, it is just located one floor above Guardian.

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Kin Gyu has just opened its doors for about 4 months now, specializing in wagyu cuisine. You may find the whole menu filled with beef dishes (mostly) namely wagyu sushi, shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, stewed beef, wagyu hamburger, grilled beef on Mount Fuji lava stone and many more beef dishes.

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First thing first, Fresh Lemon Sour (Rm 19)
Freshly squeezed lemon mixed with shochu and soda. My all-time best thirst quencher too! Kanpai!

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Soymilk and Cream Cheese Tofu豆乳とクリ一ムチズのもっちり豆腐 (Rm 15)
Creamy and hearty tofu made with soy milk, arrow root and cream cheese. It was super super silky smooth. Love having it spiced up with a touch of wasabi.

kin gyu (6)

Paste Tofu with Walnut Dressing 練り豆腐(くろみ) (Rm 14)
Tofu made of leguminous plant and served with walnut dressing.

kin gyu (8)

Shredded French Fry千切りポテトフライ (Rm 15)
Thinly fries served with dried green seaweed and salt. Best drink snack ever!

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Sesame Wagyu, Watercress and Arugula Salad クレソンとルッコラの和牛しゃぶサラダ (Rm 35)
A myriad of greens of watercress, arugula and tomato topped with mega tender sliced wagyu beef, served with soup stock and sesame dressing. It was indeed a refreshing salad and it was also my first time having watercress in salad way!

kin gyu (10)

Wagyu Carpaccio 柚子と青のりのカルパッチョ (Rm 50)
Sliced raw lean cut of wagyu served with soy sauce flavoured with olive oil, mixed with yuzu citrus, green seaweed and kelp. One word – delicious! This will definitely please your palate, boosting your appetize.

kin gyu (11)

kin gyu (15)

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Wagyu Steamed Egg Custard 和牛そぼろの茶碗蒸し (Rm 16)
Ultra-smooth steamed egg with minced beef seasoned with soy sauce, camembert cheese and white mushroom.

kin gyu (13)

Scallop and Sea Urchin Steamed Egg Custard ホタテと雲丹の茶碗蒸し (Rm 18)
Steamed egg with scallop, ginkgo nuts, white mushroom, topped with sea urchin and its sauce.

kin gyu (16)

kin gyu (29)

Sukiyaki すき焼き メのうどん付 (Rm 250 for 2 to 3 pax)
Slow cooked of sliced wagyu with beautiful marbling in sweet broth made of soy sauce, mirin and dashi; simmered alongside with wheat gluten, mushroom, leeks, grilled tofu, kudzu starch noodles, Chinese cabbage, and udon.

kin gyu (18)

Served with raw egg or frothed raw egg. I like it with raw egg as it gives extra smoothness to the tender wagyu slice.

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Claypot Rice 銀シャリ(和牛しぐれ煮と明太子) (Rm 40)
Served with minced beef tongue cooked with soy sauce and seasoned cod roe (mentaiko). Portion is just right for 2 to 3 pax.

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Gyu Kabayaki Hitsumabushi 牛蒲焼ひつまぶし (Rm 100)
Charcoal grilled wagyu beef served on a bed of rice in a claypot, alongside with condiments such as dried sardine, mackerel flakes, nori, chopped spring onions and Japanese soup stock of bonito flakes. Do allow 20mins for this to be served.

kin gyu (32)

This is totally like the Nagoya’s specialty Hitsumabushi except Kin Gyu’s version is loaded with Gyu (beef) instead of unagi (eel). There is a way to eat this pot of rice. Firstly, enjoy its original flavor with just the rice and beef slices. Seriously, it was extremely delicious! The fats of the wagyu has melted and encased around each fluffy rice grain. Very aromatic!

Secondly, taste it by adding the condiments such as negi, dried sardine, mackerel flakes, and nori. Lastly, filled rice with dashi soup and condiments to enjoy it in Ochazuke way. That’s the 3 ways to enjoy this pot of rice. A must order if you are here.

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Hot soup to end our meal, just like how Japanese does!
Hard Shell Clam Clear Soup はまぐりのお吸い物 (Rm 16)

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Nameko Mushroom Red Miso Soup なめこの赤だし (Rm 12)
Cooked with red miso, with a more intense flavor

kin gyu (28)

Kin Gyu is very kids friendly. Kids will be entertained with a basket of toys and your kids get to bring home the one he or she chose!

kin gyu

You may now enjoy part of the above course with shabu-shabu or sukiyaki at Rm 150 per pax. Remember to make reservation (call of WhatsApp) before 5pm and mention for the “Trial Set”. Promotion ends on 30th September 2019!

金牛 Kin Gyu
1st Floor, No.8, Jalan 24/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 3515/ 012-214 2373
Opens every day from 5.30pm to 1am

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