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My first omakase experience was about a year ago. It was an awesome dining experience with my bff over there, seated at the counter, sipped on sake and enjoyed our meal with some expectation because we totally had no idea what we were going to be served. That was a pretty exciting experience.

But of course, omakase is not something anyone can afford on regularly. It can only be the once a while splurge. When I saw that there is an omakase promotion popped out from Hanaya’s page, I knew that I must make myself over. And so, with the brothers, we booked the table and get ready for the day. Woohoo…


Hanaya Japanese Dining 華家

Located in Grand Millennium Hotel, Bukit Bintang, Hanaya is managed by the same team behind Ten Japanese Fine Dining, serving authentic Japanese cuisine which is more pocket-friendly, yet fresh and at a top-notch quality.

Hanaya has been here for some times. I once tried out their lunch menu during their new opening period; they were very good and very promising. Their omakase promotion came just in time as I have been craving for authentic Japanese cuisine for quite some time. Omakase お任せ means “I’ll leave it to you”; you will just have to leave it to the chef to decide what’s on your plate today. As for mine, it was the Omakase Sushi Course Promotion, priced at Rm 140 ++ instead of the regular price Rm 280++ (it was a steal right?!). The set course was already fixed but not the sushi. Pretty excited as I had no idea what kind of nigiri I will be served.

Let you guys red eye a bit on what I got that day. *blek*


Renkon – tofu
Lotus root tofu with crispy sweet potato slice.


Modern Sushi
Chef’s special sushi 2 pcs.
One was filled with squid, mentai and wrapped with thin cucumber slice instead of Nori (seaweed). The squid was very fresh and bouncy, dosed with the hint of umami-ness. Another one was fish jelly or the shoyu jelly(?). Interesting!


Deep-fried dish
Deep-fried puffer fish.
Oh my, fugu in my plate. My very first time having fugu! Puffer fish was deep fried into perfection with a texture that is quite similar to kampong chicken, I feel.


The third course was Chef’s recommended nigiri sushi. Since we were seated at the counter, we were taught with the way to enjoy the nigiri sushi with our fingers. Firstly, clean the fingers with the towel placed at the side. The chef will serve the sushi one by one, and most of them were painted with a touch of soy sauce on top of the seafood. I was told to hold the sushi with fingers instead of using chopstick, stuff the whole sushi into the mouth without dipping the soy sauce, biting and mixing them up with tongue and allow the enzyme amylase to breakdown the sushi to extract the flavours. I was really happy and satisfied with what they served to me because they were all amazingly fresh and succulent, and I had a chance to try something new which I don’t normally order.


Hirame 平目– Halibat


Shimaaji – Striped Jack/ Trevally
One of my favourite due to its sweetness I love.


Toro – Tuna Belly
Ahhhh!!! *scream* pinkish hues otoro with beautiful marbling and melted right on the palate with the fragrant oil of the fish evenly distributed throughout the oral cavity.


Aburi Hotate – Seared scallop
Another sweet and satisfying piece. Never go wrong with scallop on sushi, and this piece of lightly seared to bring out the intense sweetness of the scallop. 甘い!


Sake – Salmon Belly


Uni – Sea Urchin
Omgggg, that mellow-y yellow sea urchin was something to die for. So so so sweet!


Cut off the sushi roll and the balance of nigiri sushi. The chef specially made us mini chirashi don that was filled with ika (squid), uni (sea urchin), akami (tuna), chopped toro, ikura and garnished with some spring onions on a bed of fluffy vinegar-ed rice. How can I say no to all these I love?! I can still remember how joyful we were when we saw this. Happily took some Instagram-worthy photos before gulping them down. Too good!



Vegetables and chicken steam-boiled in teapot. A squeeze of lemon juice worked magically to the soup.



We then ended our meal with the Seasonal Dessert and coffee or tea.
The dessert came with pumpkin cake with a dollop of cream, super light and soft mochi and ice cream, plated fine-looking-ly.



Aromatic Earl Grey Tea


It was a decent meal and really worth the money spent over here. Moreover, it was half the price when the promotion was still ongoing. What’s more I can say besides Omg Omg Omg?! Another eye opening experience; seated at the counter and observed the chef slice, cut, and prepares your dishes.

If you find your pocket is not ready to splurge for omakase yet, do check out their lunch menu, which is newly launched. I gotta open my eyes big big for any of their upcoming promos. Oh yaaa, they now serve very premium green tea to the diners!

Hanaya Japanese Dining 華家
Lobby Floor,
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2110 5499
Opening hours:
Lunch | 11.30am to 2.30pm
Dinner | 6pm to 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

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