Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Cuisine @ Sheraton Imperial KL

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I first came across Sasagawa through social media. There were numerous bloggers blogged about their experience. I always wanted to try but too broke to pay for it every time I wanna go. #kiam

Till early of the month, I got to know from Citygal that they are having the anniversary promotion in June. The next second, I was done calling up for reservation. I know, this is a little late. But then it’s always late than never on sharing this. 😛


Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Cuisine

An authentic Japanese fine dining restaurant that is named after his head chef, Hitoshi Sasagawa-san who developed his skill under the training of chef Tadamichi Ota-san. They use highly selected Malaysian ingredients and airflown Japanese ingredients to craft every dish for the diners.


The ambience was amazing. It was created in a very zen-ish feel.


There are 2 sets on Sasagawa’s First Year Anniversary Promotion for you to choose from – 8 pcs Assorted Sushi Platter and Chef’s choice 3 that comes with sashimi, hot pot and grilled fish. Priced at Rm 50 each (original price Rm 100), the promotion runs until end of June. It is just Rm 50 per set to experience the Japanese fine dining concept and tea is FOC. What are you waiting for???


We had both the Assorted Sushi Platter and Chef’s choice set. All our sets came with the appetizer which included tofu, the salmon ball piece and salad that served along with the aromatic goma dressing. The tofu was mind-blowing. It was very creamy with cheese-liked texture and melted right on the palate smoothly.




The 8 pc Assorted Sushi Platter came elegantly in the 2-tier ceramic bento case. Laid prettily were pieces of shiny pieces of raw or cooked seafood on the glossy fluffy rice. Served along with the premium soy sauce and freshly-grated wasabi.


Stuffing the whole sushi in one mouthful was pretty challenging as the seafood was quite an amount to give it a go. So yum!!!




Set Chef’s Choice 3 comes with sashimi, hot pot and grilled fish. For Sashimi, there were tuna, salmon, sweet shrimp and another fish which I have forgotten the name; came with thick cut, bouncy and very very very fresh. Other than fresh, I really have no words to describe the sashimi. The sweet shrimp was fat and touched with that juicy sweet flavour. Amai!



Next was the hotpot, came with with kampong chicken, shimeji mushrooms, and spring onions as well as the pot of dashi based broth. As the soup is boiled up, put all the ingredients into the hotpot at one go. Once the fire is off, it is ready to be served.



Lastly was the grilled fish. Side with sweet potato, green pepper, lotus root and a small bit of miso to go with the grilled fish. The fish was firm, hinted with the original sweet flavour from the fish itself and the touch of miso brought out the freshness of the fish.


Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce (Rm 40)
I couldn’t forget how aromatic it was. Grilled chicken was tender with its juice locked inside the protein strand and layered with the sweet smoky teriyaki sauce.


We ended up our meal with Green Tea Ice Cream and Goma Ice Cream (Rm 12 each)


It was an amazing experience dining in here. Given the ambience and the superb ingredients in their dishes, it was pretty worth paying for even not on promotion. I can’t wait to pay for another visit to try out the other course meal! Am eyeing on their lunch Chef Craft’s and Teppan. Just can’t wait!!!

Sasagawa Authentic Japanese Restaurant
Level 2, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2602 3288
Opens daily from 12pm to 2.30pm & 6pm to 10.30pm

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