Tradisi Nusantara @ Vasco’s, Hilton Hotel KL

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It’s the time of the year again for celebration, tradition and … more food. Let’s join Chef Hashrul and his team at Vasco’s and indulge the buka puasa makan-makan session with families and friends here. Chef Hashrul will bring you on a journey, with flavours from Southeast Asia; featuring diversified delicacies that come not only with colourful presentation but bursting in flavours too!

Tradisi Nusantara

At Rm 199 nett per person
Available daily from now until 5th July 2016
From 6pm onwards


With the theme Tradisi Nusantara, it offers a wide spread of authentic flavours from the neighbouring countries of Malaysia as well as our local cuisine. This month, Vasco’s will be transformed into a harbour with the buffet pods symbolizing ships from the neighbouring countries of Malaysia; all the signature dishes will be laid over there. This idea is to re-create a docking bay ambience where one could feel as though dining at the port.


I normally will start my buffet with some helpings of greens and appetizer. Just look at the spread. This is my most anticipated corner! I was already drooling all over the Ulam-ulaman to go with the variety of Sambal such as Sambal Belacan, Tomato Liamu Purut, Sambal Belacan Nenas, Sambal Tempoyak, Sambal Belacan Bawang Putih… also the Serunding Daging, Acar Limau, Kerabu Lautan… and etc. All these stimulated the production of saliva in my oral cavity when I was capturing the photos. Gosh… too tempting!






Must have their Ayam Panggang Bumbu Bali Borang, the Balinese roasted chicken which was coated with a layer of crispy skin and underneath were the tender meat. Also, try out their signature dihes such as Nasi briyani burung puyuh dengan kekacang; Ayam panggang bumbu bali barongan;Sup tulang rusuk sapi malatop; Gulai tunjang Padang asli takanojuo;Asam pedas tetel Laksamana dengan terung telunjuk, Kepala ikan jenahak masak asam pedas Seri Mersing, Pucuk paku lemak tempoyak dengan ikan bilis dan petai; and many more!



I have a thing over satay. Both their beef and chicken satay were pretty good with its juice retained in each strain of the protein.


Do remember to dig in their Gulai Kawah Nusantara. Asam Pedas Tetel Laksamana dengan Terung Telunjuk (Braised Beef with Spicy Tamarind Sauce with Tomato, Lime Leaf & Eggplant) had my vote among all the Gulai.



Indian counter with herbs & spices. So fancy so colourful. It has been a super long while I didn’t my Indian cuisine fix. Miss those exotic herbs and spices very much. There was so much to try. Nasi Briyani to go with Lamb Korma (Lamb Shank cooked with Brown Onion Pasta), Karaikudi Fish Curry, Hariyali Vegetable, Paneer Makhani,Southern Indian Style Chicken Cooked with Selected Spice in Red Pepper Gravy, Daniwali Bhindi ( Lady fingers cooked with Yogurt).






vasco raya



Desserts??? Or more like some afternoon tea???
Sukun Goreng, Keledek Goreng, Keropok Lekor, Cempedak Goreng, Pisang Goreng … you name them.


Also be spoilt with the variety desserts at the desserts counter!





Each guest will also get to walk home with Chef Hashrul’s Rendang Minang home-made paste to re-create his rendang dish at home. This complimentary giveaway is a new offering thought of by chef and team. That’s really thoughtful of chef and team. You can simply whip up the signature rendang dish at home.


The gong-beating ceremony is held every evening to signal that it is time to break fast. At the same time, you will be entertained by a traditional “Ghazal” band. The band consists of an accordion, acoustic guitar and gamelan that will perform three sessions of music that varies from Ghazal, Asli and Modern. It will be played from 7 pm to 10 pm daily during the promotional period at the hotel lobby.

The Hilton Kuala Lumpur
Lobby Level
3, Jalan Stesen Sentral,
Kuala Lumpur Sentral,
50470 Kuala Lumpur.

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