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People nowadays are getting more health conscious and moving forwards to live a healthy lifestyle. Aside from exercising, food is one of the major factors where everyone will look into. The idea of superfood and organic food are expanding; organic restaurants are blooming in the city and people will tend to bring home-cooked lunch to work. So am I, often do my #thebentoproject and bring them to work.

But when it comes to making home pressed juice or beverages, I often have none to pair with my bento coz I am always too lazy to work out on that. The hassle of cut the fruits, juice them with the high tech machine and wash the utensils. Which is quite a fuss to me. But until I met …


Press Beyond Juice


The brainchild of a pair of young couple; also the new cold-pressed juice purveyor holding a grab and go juice bar in Menara Shell, KL Sentral. Producing 100% pure and preservative-free juice by using cold-pressed method with the ingredients sourced from local suppliers and prepared them in a hygienic and chilled environment to maximize the freshness.

Cold-pressed is the method that involves a low RPM grinder to grinder the fruits and vegetables. The juice never goes through any extreme conditions where it can be damaged or oxidized. And good thing, the quality of the nutrients, amino acid, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients are all remain intact in the juice.

Press Beyond Juice harnesses the pure, vital healthy benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables to be consumed by you in their most beneficial form – raw and fresh. Every bottle of their creations retains the maximum amount of nutrients, enzymes and minerals. Also, they have their very own juice formulas which make the green juice taste really good, and all comes in the right concoction of fruits and vegetables.


Juices available in Press Beyond Juice, expect more creation coming up near future.

ARISE – Orange, Strawberry (Strengthen immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant rich)
CLEANSE – Pineapple, Spinach, Green Apple, Mint, Lime (Digestive aid, eliminates toxins, burns fat)
DETOX – Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple, Lime (Detoxification, anti-oxidant rich, bone & joint support)
GUARD– Purple Carrot, Red Grape (Anti-guard, cardiovascular aid, memory booster)
HEAL – Green Guava, Green Apple, Spinach (Aids recovery, boosts immunity, replenishes electrolytes)
QUENCH – Watermelon, Mint, Lime (Hydrating, heart health, cell repair)
SHINE – Beetroot, Carrot, Orange (Brightens skin, vision health, antioxidant rich)
SNAP – Fuji Apple, Green Apple, Lemon, Bentong Ginger (Anti-aging, cardiovascular aid, memory booster)



press juice (2)

Jeng jeng jeng, pairing Press Juice with my bento.

press juice (6)

My favourite?! That would be SHINE, HEAL and DETOX!!! DETOX is really good as it aided my constipation problem at once. Love SHINE as it is packed with antioxidant contents while HEAL tastes really yummy. Never know these few fruits come like a perfect match in HEAL.

press juice (1)

Grab your bottle of pure juice now at Press Juice Bar Menara Shell KL and M+ Natural Remedies Bangsar Village 1.

Too lazy to move your butt over (just like me)???

Order Online now and enjoy 1 bottle of Press Juice FREE by entering “ivyaiwei” to enjoy the set promo. Promotion valid until 31st December 2016!!!

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