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When we were travelling up to the north, we were brought to Khun Thai Restaurant by one of our family’s friends who is a resident in Butterworth. With the name, Khun Thai, you may have guessed what kind of cuisine they are serving. 


Khun Thai Restaurant serves delicious authentic Thai cuisine where they emphasize on seafood and grilled stuff; and allow the customer to dine al fresco-ly. 




The ambiance is kind of romantic when the dusk falls. One can choose to dine ‘indoor’ (tables under a roof) or ‘outdoor’ (under the bamboo and straw huts), cute and romantic, don’t you think so?! But you may find yourself dueling with the mosquitoes sometimes. 


We started off with our favourite Thai appetizer, Mieng Kam


Wrap up the toasted peanuts, chopped bird eyes chilies, chopped shallots, lime cubes, dried shrimps, ginger cubes, and toasted coconut flakes with betel leaves. Then, drizzle the sweet sauce over it before popping it into your mouth. Munch munch munch… It was explosive with flavours. 

Kerabu papaya (RM 8) was way too fiery hot to our liking and we could hardly finish it. Perhaps the chef has overdosed it with chilies or is it made that way???

Claypot glass noodles with prawn was fragrant and good but it was not as memorable as the one I had in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Stir-fry petai with prawn in Thai style

Tom Yum was thick, sourish but not very hot. Just nice to be on the palate. 

Lab gai – Northern Thai style sauteed minced chicken (RM 10)

Steamed “dunno-what” fish
Sorry as I can’t recall the name of the fish. The fish was really fresh and succulent just with a touch of parsley, chillies and chopped gingers.

And so, these are the fish that made the dish. They are not very pretty looking but but but don’t judge the book by its cover, they taste great!!!

Steamed large Mantis Prawns (their mantis prawns are priced by sizes and weight) and La-la Clams were the stars of the evening. The fresh, fat, juicy and firm prawns and clams were steamed with slices of garlic and chopped cili padi. We polished the plate clean; the soup tasted really fresh and full with essences from the prawns and clams. 

Pricewise, it is reasonable; about RM 180 for 5 of us inclusive of drinks, rice, and tit bits. The most expensive dish will be the Mantis Prawns and La-la Clams. Afterall, they are the fresh catch and priced accordingly to season and quantity. I would say it is quite reasonable. 

Fancy this Thai restaurant but never want to travel far to Butterworth?! No worry, they have branches in PJ and Kepong too! 

Khun Thai Village Restaurant
No. 104, Jalan Permatang Tengah,
12300 Butterworth
Tel: +6 04-332 7523
Map Here

Khun Thai Village Restaurant (PJ)
No. 6, Jalan 5/44,
Petaling Garden,
off Jalan Gasing,
46000 Petaling Jaya.
Tel&Fax: +6 03-7781 7523

Khun Thai Village Restaurant (Kepong)
17A & 18A, Jalan Desa 2/8,
Desa Aman Puri,
52100 Kepong
Tel: 012-490 5220

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9 thoughts on “Khun Thai Village Restaurant @ Butterworth”

  • The KL branch is not as good as the original, I felt. The steamed mantis prawns and clams were the BEST! Amazing stuff, so simple, fresh and appetizing.
    They still make the best mieng kam so far.

  • james,
    thanks for the information.
    guess the original one the best. but they made the dish way too hot. northern people eat really hot stuff, i guess. besides steamed mantis prawns and lala, the fish is quite good too! the fish looks not pretty but the meat is soft and smooth

  • Amazing that that Tomyam is not spicy.. coz it looks cathartic!! Would love to try this Thai resto – maybe on my next visit!

  • Amazing that that Tomyam is not spicy.. coz it looks cathartic!! Would love to try this Thai resto – maybe on my next visit!

  • Seems like a very nice Thai restaurant! Lol, interesting to hear that the kerabu papaya is this spicy, I wanna try it out! The Mieng Kam does look very good, haven't had it for ages!

  • Ya, the Papaya salad is a killer… I had this there too but I love it!! Only me finished the whole plate cos others cannot eat it for the spiciness…

    Oh.. must order the Larb when I m there again. I love the ambience there in Buterworth, so much nicer than the other branches in KL but food wise is quite good in KL branches.

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