KANCHANABURI: Amphoes Muang, River Kwai Hotel & Taraburee Restaurant

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Hola!!! Time to continue with my Thailand holiday back in February.
You can view here for the Summary of the trip and here for the eco vintage village in Plearnwan, Hua Hin


Kanchanaburi is a little town located about 130 kilometers west of Bangkok. It takes about 3 hours ride to get there (from Bangkok). If you love some adventurous journey, you may opt to travel by train which takes up to 5 hours from Bangkok


I stayed in this hotel in Amphoes Muang (Kanchanaburi city) – River Kwai Hotel.


It is located at the prime location where one easily accesses to the famous River Kwai Bridge and other attractions. 


Twin room


Double room


There are a department store and lots of shops in just 5 to 10 mins walking distance from the hotel. Goods sold in this little town are kinda cheap. 

Of course, you can still bargain. And sometimes, bargaining will give you surprise too!


Thirsty?! Get your thirst quenchers here!


and here! 

You may find these stalls everywhere. 


Not used to get drinks from the roadside stalls, here is a shop selling tea/drinks



Dinner time, we selected the most happening restaurant among the others; by the river – Taraburee Restaurant


Do come earlier for the perfecto view


Fresh seafood


They have live band from 6.30pm till late

Menu is all in Thai language. But no worries, there are pictures attached. They have 2 versions of menu if I am not mistaken. Do ask for local menu as the other one focus mainly on expensive seafood / dishes. 


Tangerine juice. 


That night was the Chinese New Year eve. We were glad to find out that this restaurant serves pork knuckles!!! This was the best pork knuckles I had have. Till now, I still miss it a lot. My aunts and uncles even said they wanna revisit this place for their pork knuckles. Marinated in a special way and deep fried into perfection; crunchy on the skin and inside was juicy fat meat. Surprisingly, it was not greasy. 


Glass noodles with crabs are another great stuff to go for. We had 2 woks of this. The glass noodles soaked up the essences of crab, very fragrant and flavourful!!!


Thai style steam fish


The other must try is their fried rice


There isn’t much entertainment around at night. People here tend to rest earlier as compared to people in the big city like Bangkok. If you wish to experience their culture or explore the night market, do drop by early as they start to pack their stuff at 10pm!!!


Handmade stuff; 59 baht for a jean short; printed cute tee. 


The night was still young (for us), we asked the driver to drop us for supper in the town center. There were stalls selling all kind of food, you can find the ‘extreme food’ too! (sorry, no pics on those)


Tong Shui / desserts


Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Niaowa Ma Muang) that drenched with fragrant coconut milk! Let’s dig in and forget about the waistline first! 

To be continued…

River Kwai Hotel
284/15-16 Saengchuto Road, 
Kanchanaburi 71000

Taraburee Restaurant
48 ถ.สองแคว ต.บ้านเหนือ
อ.เมือง จ.กาญจนบุรี 71000

Tel: 034-512-944

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