My ‘Dairy’ need

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Still afraid of the dairy products that produced from China after the Melamine cases that outbreak suddenly? Well, I am not. In fact, I feel the milk products are quite good. Ever since the melamine cases happened, the authorities have imposed stricter requirements and lab tests on them dairy products to ensure that the main ingredients and compositions are at the safety level.

I have a daily habit. I need to have a glass of milk or at least 250ml of milk every morning.
Hence, sis bought a carton (16 packs) of UHT milk to fulfill my ‘dairy’ needs. 蒙牛 Meng-Niu, brand of this milk is one of the famous brand.

The milk never lost its original taste. It tasted so Mooooooooo

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15 thoughts on “My ‘Dairy’ need”

  • Hello Ai Wei, How come where you are you don't have local milk being marketed? Just curious. But not all China products are not good. Guess the milk you purchased looks okay.
    Wow! noticed from your previous postings, you're a gourmet cook!

    Young ladies like you don't grow on trees, ha ha.
    Some guy one day sure will be a lucky man…and you'll make his Mom proud too.
    Have fun and hold that smile, never can tell who's falling in love with your smile. Lee.

  • Haha, geng la you. I would think twice before drinking it. But I believe it should be fine now. See you so healthy now sure no problem! Haha!

    The milk tasted better than those we had in Malaysia?

  • Uncle Lee,
    hihi, thanks for dropping comments and thanks for visiting to my blog. do hope you like this blog and do visit often.

    once again, happy blogging!~

    hahaha, one of my motto ; no milk no life 😛

    sugar bean,
    of course i am still okay, else you won't be seeing me around here.
    erm… the milk… taste… a little different. is like those Moooo taste lor. dunno how to describe it.

    ya, milk is great! and full with calcium too

  • Jimmy Tham,
    real bad lar you. there is horse flu and dog flu. it is enough already. don't give flu to those lovely milk cow please. else i can't have dairy daily

  • Hi there, nice to meet you. This is great one, dairy in diary. Btw, where to get this Meng-Niu? how much per pack?

  • MeRy,
    milk, as always. ^^

    steven goh,
    hi, thanks for visiting here.
    meng-niu is found in china. not here in msia. haha

  • cariso,
    hahaha, the 斤 in china and 斤 here is totally different.

    斤 in china is equivalent to 500g
    while 斤 in msia is actually 600g. totally different o.

  • You dare to drink 蒙牛 milk, why dont you buy the local milk, support local made products, and it is safe.

  • emile zola@life,
    oh-oh, i guess you have misunderstand me. it was during my stay in China, i have no choice but their China Product. they are quite safe. so far not a problem at all. haha

    once again, it was during my stay in china

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