Mee Siput; popular titbits in southern region

  • Sumo


Very muruku-liked of titbits; minus the spices, flavour and texture in it

Mee siput is a type of old-school snack which is very popular in Johor especially in Muar, Batu Pahat and Ledang. Made with flour, shaped it into noodle-liked with machine, dried it up and then deep fried into golden brown with oil under high heat. The end result was super crunchy but bland tit bits. What makes it special? That’s the sambal tumis or sambal kicap that flavour the mee siput. Personally, I don’t quite fancy the mee as it is bland; still good if there is hotter version of sambal tumis to go along. Well, it is still quite a thing when your mouth is free, if you get what I meant.


Thanks to my colleague for the treat.

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