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Getting so excited now, Christmas and New Year will be here in few days time!
Have you guys figure out what to do on that day? Already planned??? Dining out on Xmas day, Party Catering and Potluck, these are the few that we love to do! If you are heading for a potluck party and have yet to think of what to bring, Simplot is here to help! Heeehe!



I always love the hashbrown from Simplot. This lovely potato slices are always the perfect side dish for the big breakfast or English breakfast. Now, they have hashbrown comes in cutie snack size the popcorn hashbrown. Lovely isn’t it? If you are holding a party, this could be a great snack/main to serve your guests!


It is easy to prepare Simplot Popcorn Hashbrown. You could deep fry, pan fry, toast by toaster oven or oven bake the cutie hashbrown!


I chose to wok fry them


You can always be creative in working on these cuties. As finger food or appetizer or even the main, just bring up your creative talent.


Simply pair it up with fruits. I have blueberries to go with the Simplot popcorn hashbrown.


Pair it up with cheese. I have this strawberry cheese from laughing cow.


The popcorn hashbrowns with pineapples are great too!!! My favourite as it was tangy and salty at the same time. Quite an appetizing finger food.


Simplot popcorn hashbrowns and salad is great companion too! Drench it up with your favourite dressings like ranch dressing, vinaigrette dressing, French dressings or the simplest one mayonnaise.



Feeling lazy??? Just chunk everything into pretty party cups. They are just good too!





Ohhh, I thought of something else too! Such as melted cheese with the popcorn hashbrowns, pasta…
Ahhh, I shall try putting the popcorn hashbrown into my lasagne too! ^^

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