When mum is back from BKK

  • Sumo

Yay, she is back and brought us some goodies.

Coconut toffee is the best candy I have ever had. This is a must to buy if you travelled to Bangkok. I have tried a few different brands with the almost the same packaging (difference only in the colour paper they used and the brands). So far, this is the greatest of all. Every tiny piece of it is full with coconut essence! Yum!

Another things — crispy cuttlefish. It’s so crunchy~

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8 thoughts on “When mum is back from BKK”

  • Awww, so many goodies! Save some for me before I return to KL to rampas all from you. Muahahahahaha!

    Can’t wait to meet up with you. It felt like ages for not seeing you. Can’t think of how happy I’ll be to shop and eat with you! =)

  • jdexign,
    dun forget these when you are in BKK

    errrr… all in my tummy and eliminated out o.O

    sugar bean,
    hahaha, no more for you liao… all come out as dung. kekeke

    can’t wait to meet you too! your haagen daaz post is killing! why never ask me along?! only both of u went that day?

  • when your mum is away that’s when u get hanky panky la =)

    u tried cheese flava pretz b4? =) u dun get it in msia ^^

  • jimmy tham,
    what is cheese flava pretz???
    yerrr… dun always tell me something that i cannot get in kl lar. sobz

    i think u shud appy pr in aus. will definately visit u there and u must bring me for all good food!

  • dear… don’t finish it ok! save some for me too ;P
    Good luck in your remaining papers!! Let’s work hard together 🙂

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