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Colourful, flavourful and attractive
These are the rusk that you feel tasty when you eat and fun to see


RUSCO – That’s the new kiosk/store that popped up in Tokyo Street last few weeks, bringing in the the vivid colour of rusk not only tasty but also appealing at the same time.



RUSCO is a premium brand under Yataro Group that is launched in Japan few years ago has become very popular among the younger generation. Their rusks are made from freshly baked baguette that is cut into slices and topped with different natural raw materials and sugar. The slices are then baked again for its crunchiness. What make the rusks so special are actually their efforts in making them step by step from scratch. They spend time in making the dough using the wheat flour from Hokkaido using the European style small size mixer. The delegated dough is then spread by hand followed by the first baking process. This is not done yet as the tastiness and crispiness comes after the second oven baked.


Love the crunchiness texture of the rusks that are presented in few flavours. Flavours available are honey, sweet chocolate, raspberry, green tea, black sesame, blueberry, caramel almond and Valencia orange.


Honey – The ultimate combination of honey, butter and bread. Fragrant with the natural aroma of honey.
Sweet chocolate – The specially made chocolate baguette that spread with premium chocolate gives an extravagant sweetness of chocolate.
Raspberry – The fragrance of raspberry leaves a tingling sensation to the taste buds, compliment by the rich colour of raspberry.
Green Tea – The vivid green comes from Kawane Green Tea, taste enhanced with butter.
Black Sesame – The aromatic black sesame is the grownup’s favourite selection. The unique pleasant texture is born by adding the sesame paste onto the bread.
Blueberry – A luxury flavour that combines acidity of fruit and mellowness of butter to make a perfect combination to the rusk.
Caramel Almond – Caramel gives a rich taste to the rusk and is even more delicious by topping over with almond.
Valencia Orange – Great with the fruitiness and refreshing sensation from orange peel.


Personally, I fancy the black sesame flavour. Very aromatic with black sesame bits and is the least sweet one as compared to the others. Green tea was intense with flavours too, as if you are drinking the green tea at the same time. Valencia Orange was refreshing and citrus-y with the orange peels. Ahh well, all of them are pretty good!




Also a perfect gift idea!

RUSCO Concept Store
P6.46.00-6.47.00, Level 6, Tokyo Street
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2858 9031

2 Pieces Per Bag – RM4
6 Pieces Per Bag – RM10
4 Flavour Colorful Gift Box – RM38
6 Flavour Colorful Gift Box – RM56
8 Flavour Colorful Gift Box – RM72

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