SINGAPORE: Garrett Popcorn @ Suntec Citylink Mall

  • Sumo

I am stress out.
I am unhappy
I need my happy food
Something sweet and addictive
Something that can cheer me up.


That is you, my happy food – Garrett Popcorn


My cousin told me that this is a must try new great snack. 
She even added on, the queue is always very longggg.
It was still early (in the morning), and there was no sight of long queue.
We then happily grabbed a bag of Chicago Mix Caramel Crisp + Cheesecorn flavoured-popcorn. And had a picnic; facing the great view of the city and enjoy our happy food.






CheeseCorn was rather soggy after leaving for some times while the crunchy CaramelCrisp remained its crispiness. Though CheeseCorn was soggy, the combination with CaramelCrisp turn into a great one! It left the salty and sweet taste on your tastebuds.


Am I happy, then?
Yes, with you (Garrett Popcorn) by my side.

Am I happy now?
Nooooo because you (Garrett Popcorn) are miles away.

Happy Food, if only you were here in KL

Garrett Popcorn
Suntec Citylink Mall
1 Raffles Link,
#B1-26A Citylink Mall

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19 thoughts on “SINGAPORE: Garrett Popcorn @ Suntec Citylink Mall”

  • Im a big fans of popcorn too….
    So, I'll b having dis wif my big smile too!! yum~yum~ Haiya, y there are no Franchise near our local cinemas??!

  • I never like pop corn, but I hope they open branch @ Malaysia so that I can change my impression 🙂

  • ah tee,
    yeahhh lor, we dun have it here 🙁
    this one is really yum yum. i get to sample a little on their caramel crisp with cashew nuts, another best seller. really yummy and fragrant

    yeah, i hope it will be in malaysia too!!! cheesecorn a bit soggy but must pair with the caramel crisp. baru nice.

    hehe 🙂

    why never like it? it makes one happy wor 🙂

  • Tried 'em when I was in Singapore a couple months ago. I like the sweet-salty combination. And it came in a big quantity even though I ordered a small bag.

    Now, I hope they open (at least) one in Malaysia. Sigh…

  • ken,
    me too.
    but then if this is available in msia, i can have them anytime when i crave for it.

    ahhh, this one very nice if you guys love popcorn. nvm, try it out next time

    yeappp, i love the salty-sweet taste too. love it. and agree with you, the smallest bag comes with huge quantities.
    sigh… only if they are coming to malaysia…

  • I miss shopping in sing! the skyline looks really cool. btw, the popcorn looks tasty.. why so yellow? LOL Do they do salty – i love salty!

  • I miss shopping in sing! the skyline looks really cool. btw, the popcorn looks tasty.. why so yellow? LOL Do they do salty – i love salty!

  • nava. K,

    gosh, you are in Sg now???
    i wan my happy food so muchie.

    hehe, yellow is because of the cheese powder. it is salty and a lil soggy. but great to go with the sweet popcorn 🙂 hehe
    i love sing too! start missing there now. huhuuuu

  • Hehe I went last night to go and try! I have to say that the cheese one didn't really suit my taste … mmmm. Caramel one big hit though, I had to queue few minutes, then put down my order, then go walk around for 15 minutes then only come back and take 🙁

    totally worth it though!

  • Sweesan,
    The salty popcorn is known as cheesecorn, dusted with cheese powder. It turns soggy after leaving for some times
    And best eaten once u grab it

    Guess I was lucky as I don have to wait for my bag of corn. It is nice, right? Yep, the cheese one is something different from what we used to have. I took a lil time to adapt. But well it's a cheering-up food!!!

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