SINGAPORE: Kko Kko Nara 꼬꼬나라 @ Tras Street

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Korean Fried Chicken and beer! Hands up, anyone???

During my recent trip to our neighbour country, Singapore, I get to try this really yummy fried chicken, matched with the cooling Korean beer before calling it a day. It was really really good and now I understand why the Korean dramas keep showing the scene with fried chicken and beer. Ahhh, craving for them now!!!


Kko Kko Nara Korean Restaurant

A cozy place that serves authentic Korean fares such as pajeon, ddeobbokki, bibimbap and Korean fried chicken that comes in 4 different flavours. It looks like a family-style-restaurant-pub; filled square tables and comfy sofa-chairs and a bar counter that packed with a lot of liquor bottles on the shelves. This restaurant opens until 3am daily!!! Worry not if you are hungry at midnight or craving for their fried chicken suddenly, you can always hop over to Kko Kko Nara for that.


Started with a side dish and beer food.




Since it was our first time here (and also my virgin try on Korean Fried Chicken), we ordered the Chicken Combo Set – Small (Sgd 25) so that we can try out the few signature flavours available.
Korean style fried chicken that comes with 3 flavours – original, sweet and garlic. The chicken is fried perfectly into golden brown, very well-seasoned and greaseless on your fingers. It was crispy on the outside, skin layer was without heavily battered and moist and sweet on the meat. Every mouthful of it was bursting with flavours of the marinades. Ooohhhh, masshisoyo!!!


Garlic Chicken
Fried chicken marinated with garlic and soy sauce. I fancy this the most! Crispy, tender and flavourful!


Sweet & Spicy Chicken
Fried chicken marinated with special sweet and spicy sauce.


Kimchi Pancake
I am not exaggerating but this is the best kimchi pancake I have tried. The flour-y layer was thin, intersecting with sourish kimchi. I love this thin layer kimchi pancake.


Soon Du Bu Jji-Gae (Sgd 30)
Spicy Beancurd Soup, came in a huge pot and loaded with lots of ingredients. A hot tummy warmer that is great for sharing.



Not forgetting a glass or two to pair with the Korean fried chicken. Cold chilling Beer (Sgd 7)!
We were attracted on their Bing-su but our tummies were too full to fill in more food. Come here for lunch if you wish to save a few bucks as their lunch menu is cheaper than the dinner menu. A must try Korean place if you are here in Singapore!!!

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Meeting up the buddy Wenching. hehe

Kko Kko Nara Korean Restaurant
57 Tras Street #01-01 Singapore
Tel: +65 6224 8186
Open daily from 11am to 3am

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