YG Republique @ Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

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What is the best for meal after having a fun time in Genting?! In my opinion that must be either steamboat or pork BBQ coz BBQ/ steamboat + chilling weather is always the best combo! Glad to see that there is a lot of new addition high up here in Genting, and one of them is YG Republique!

YG Republique

YG Republique @ genting (35)

Located at Level 1 of Sky Avenue, 3Geori Butcher’s is a BBQ grill restaurant that serves premium pork and beef. They use only iberico pork from Spain, offers types of premium cuts that are cured in Cypress Pine to add flavour and texture. High quality beef with special cuts are carefully-selected and cured for optimum flavour before serving to the patrons. The beef will go through 3 cross Aging; Wet Aging for 4 weeks and then Dry + Cypress Aging for 3 days.

YG Republique @ genting (36)

YG Republique @ genting (33)

YG Republique @ genting (34)

YG republique @ genting (22)

This round up in Genting, we had the Beef Platter (Rm 400) that is good enough to feed 4 pax. The platter comes with 300g Japanese Wagyu from Kyushu Province, 150g LA Marinated Ribs, steamed egg, veggies, pickled choy sum, choice of kimchip soup, chili paste soup or soybean paste soup, Leek salad and YG signature Salad, side dishes such as red kimchi, white kimchi, namool-vegetables dish, pickled cucumber and today’s special side dish.

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YG republique @ genting (12)

Unlike the usual Korean restaurant, banchan here comes with kimchi, white kimchi and more on pickled vegetables. These banchan really boost up the appetite and wash off the grease that left on the palate.

YG republique @ genting (18)

YG republique @ genting (13)

YG republique @ genting (17)

Here came one of the star dishes, wagyu beef from Kyushu, Japan; served in a vintage way with newsprint wrapping.

YG republique @ genting (25)

YG republique @ genting (5)

YG republique @ genting (8)

YG republique @ genting (7)

YG republique @ genting (11)

Marinated LA Ribs, very well marinated.

YG republique @ genting (10)

YG republique @ genting (19)

Iberico Pork Jaw
Look at the snowy white marbling! “drool”

YG republique @ genting (32)

Sexy glossy grilled meat on the grill. The Iberico pork jaw was seriously delicious. It was chewy with bouncy texture. I couldn’t stop munching these pork jaw slices! Remember to pair the meat with the house’s special dipping sauce – garlic and mustard dipping sauce; this is something I don’t find it elsewhere!

YG republique @ genting (26)

Aside from BBQ grilled meat, Samgeori Butcher’s offers the classic Korean dishes too.

YG republique @ genting (2)

Korean Fried Chicken (Rm 30 for half; Rm 55 for whole) is available in 3 flavours (Korean style classic, Red and garlic sauce).
We had the Garlic version and boy, it was garlicky, tender and aromatic. Love the crispiness of the fried chicken and the meat was very well-seasoned.

YG republique @ genting (31)

YG republique @ genting (27)

Spring Onion Pancake (Rm 20)
Thin pancake dosed with spring onion and pan-fried to crunchy edges.

YG Republique Genting
Level 1, Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands.
Tel: 03-6101 1276

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