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Chicken Up

Singapore’s No 1 Korean Fried Chicken has now landed in Subang Jaya, bringing the fun yet authentic Korean dishes to us. Just like what’s on their name, this is the place for chicken and definitely beer too, to complete the chimaek (chicken+beer) experience. Chicken Up has quite a long history, established in Singapore in year 2010, and it has now expanded from the home country.


This new place has got lesser cheesy options. A great go for those who feel jelak with all the cheesy hype available at the moment.



We started off with the Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) where it is famous for.
Original Crispy(Rm 18 for 4 pieces)
Seriously, this was the love at first bite. It was extra crunchy, deep fried into perfection within this golden batter to seal the flavours of being marinated for 12 hours. So much yum!


Yangnyum Chicken Wings & Spicy Yangnyum Chicken Wings (Rm 18 for 4 pieces)
Chicken wings with Korean style sweet chilli sauce.
Coated with a layer of glossy sauce, prepare for the fingers licking good moment.


Kimchi Fries (Rm 26)
Generous serving of fries with fermented kimchi, marinated shredded chicken all bunched up in delightful bite. Sourish with a kick. That was good. But I prefer the Bulgogi Fries (Rm 26) to kimchi fries. It was fully loaded with thin slices of beef marinated with soy sauce and others homemade ingredients. Aromatic and simply lip smacking good!


Yangpa Bomb (Rm 18)
Pretty crispy golden onion petals that goes great with the cocktail and happy hour!


Haemul-Pajeon (Rm 26)
Seafood and green onion pancake – made of shrimps, squids, chilli pepper, onion and chives prepared with Korean batter mix and beef seasoning; but we felt it was dosed with more chives than seafood.


Ugly Tang (Rm 38)
Chicken Up’s unique Korean army stew that doesn’t come ‘ugly’; in fact it is quite instagrammable. Made with chicken slice, ham, sausage, vegetables, macaroni, baked bean, and cheese and noodles that can easily feed 3 to 4 pax. A heart-warming dish that fit best at current rainy evening.



Jabchae (Rm 18)
Stir fried glass noodle with shitake mushroom, red and green pepper, carrots and chives in secret blend of soy sauce and beef seasoning. Didn’t look good but the taste is on the point!


Snow Squid Toppoki (Rm 68)
A popular Korean street food made with which is also known as UFO Topokki. It is made with soft rice cake, fish cake and vegetable seasoned with sweet red chilli sauce then topped with crispy fried whole squid and “snow” cheese!!! It comes with 5 other side dishes of caramelized kimchi, cheese, corn cheese, kimchi fried rice and steamed egg too.





Get the most instagrammable photo before getting the wait staff to cut of the crispy squid and warming up with the mix of fiery gochujang sauce. Don’t play play, the gochujang sauce is seriously flaming hot. I got choke for the first bite. LOL. Tone down the spiciness with the ‘snow’ cheese if you find it too spicy to you.



Melon Bingsu (Rm 38) that served with half of the sweet melon; placed with nicely craved melon ball out from the half melon, and scoop of milky bingsu that was smooth and melted right on the palate. Pretty and addictive. It will make you keep digging in for more.


How can we not scream “chang” when having the Korean cuisine?!


Watermelon Soju (Rm 48) is their bestseller and all-time favourite. I do find theirs much concentrated than some other restaurants that serve the same thing.


Try also their other best-selling cocktails – Sojurita and Beerita (Rm 48 each) which are good for sharing.




If you are not a fan of alcoholic beverages, opt for their lightbulb mocktails where you can bring home these cute lightbulb containers!


Chicken Up Subang Jaya
No.7, 7-1,
7-2 Jalan SS15/4E
57500 Subang Jaya.
Tel: +6017 577 9377
opens from 11.30am till 12am (last order 11pm)

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