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The buddy Taufulou highly recommends this Ichikakuya Ramen to me, telling me I should check them out. Hence, here I was one afternoon, drove all the way to Subang’s UOA Business Park to savour them.

Ichikakuya Yokohama Iekei Ramen

Ichikakuya Ramen (15)

Has more than 80 outlets in Japan; came all the way from Yokohama, Ichikakuya Ramen is specializing in Yokohama Iekei style ramen, with firm and thick noodles made with exclusive wheat and intentionally rest the noodles for some time with the aging method, then serve it in rich and creamy tonkotsu soy sauce broth, touches with chicken oil which is known as Chiiyu and topped with the toppings.

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Ichikakuya Ramen (13)

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Here in Ichikakuya Ramen, you can customize your preference on noodles, taste and chicken oil:
Noodles: Hard / Normal / Soft
Taste (%): Strong / Normal / Light
Chicken Oil (%): Extra / Normal / Less

Also, you can choose shio (salt) or shoyu (soy sauce) as your soup base.

Ichikakuya Ramen (5)

Ajitama Ramen (Rm 20.50)
Comes with toppings such as spinach, quail egg, a piece of chashu, large crispy nori (seaweed) and ajitama in shio base or shoyu base soup. I had mine in soy sauce base soup and all in normal percentage (as a first timer). The broth was really something I love, rich, milky and creamy, dosed with that great amount of chicken oil. On the first sip, it was filled with chicken oil aroma, very aromatic; also taste like you were having chicken essence too.

Ichikakuya Ramen (11)

As you slurp up the noodles, it was adsorbed with rich and creamy pork bone broth, slurpy and delicious. If I am visiting again, I will definitely ask for stronger flavour for the soup and extra chicken oil. And those pieces of seaweed were something to shout out about. They were extremely umami with crispiness, half-soaked it with the broth for extra umami-ness. Love it. As for the chashu, it was on the leaner side (I like thing fat), but good enough as everything came to a well balance. Well, if you love your noodles al dente, go for the firm (or hard) version.

Ichikakuya Ramen (12)

At first I thought the whole ajitama (seasoned egg) without slicing half kills the photo of this bowl of ramen, how I wished it is halved. But then… I was wrong, that ajitama was really something, which was why they served it whole. It was packed with flavours with gooey egg yolk porn in the center! And this was also the first time I came across the quail egg in my ramen besides ajitama.

Ichikakuya Ramen (8)

Ichikakuya Ramen (4)

Red Iekei Ajitama Ramen (Rm 24.50)
With same topping as the original soup base but in red spicy broth. My friend went for strong flavour (spiciest level) as she loves something really spicy. Yep, she loved it!

Ichikakuya Ramen (9)

Ichikakuya Ramen (10)

Gyoza (Rm 12)
It had nothing to shout out about but it was packed with juice.

Ichikakuya Ramen (3)

How can we miss out chilling cold beer to pair with ramen? So, Asahi Beer for us!

Besides ramen, they serve also Sutameshi bowl, which is known is the stamina bowl, a popular rice bowl in japan that is loaded with protein; and also curry rice bowl which is also one of the bestseller in the house.

Ichikakuya Ramen
Unit 1-3A, Level 1, Tower 3,
The Podium, Uoa Business park,
No. 1, Jalan Pengaturcara U1/51a,
Kawasan Perindustrian Temasya,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor
Opens from Monday to Saturday, from 11am to 9pm.
Closed on Sundays
Tel: 014-958 3884

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