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Let’s get the bag packed and heads off to the lecture hall in the university.

But hmmm… where is the aromatic coffee scent from?!

Penny University


While I was in Singapore, I actually packed myself and walked into the university


Penny University, a term for coffeehouses in London in 18th century. At a cost of a penny, one could enter for coffee and served along with the latest news, gossips, bulletins and various discussions. But that was in old days, at just a penny.


Located at the East Coast Road, just two blocks away from 112 Katong Mall, Penny University is an artisanal café which serves coffee with beans sourced from local roasters. Other than that, they also serve specialist cakes and freshly baked bread and pastries.


Love their in-house décor very much. With designer lightbulbs, bar counter made from recycled railroad tiles… and also the cash register, which is super vintage-y! Love it.



Espresso with Milk comes in 3 sizes, 3oz, 5oz and 7oz. Price difference by 50 cents. I had mine in 5 ounce cup (Sgd 4.50), came with pretty latte art. At the right temperature, it touched my lips and tongue; it was frothy and velvety cup of hot caffeinated drink.


Muddy Espresso with Cold Milk (Sgd 5.50)
Kind of reverse latter where cold milk is added in before the shot of espresso. I thought the aroma might be toned down due to the lower temperature, but nope, it was still bold and rich. Love it’s name, presented in a muddy view and idea.



Hot Chocolate


Hearty smoked salmon with cream cheese, dill and capers on toasted sourdough bread (Sgd 8)


French Toast (Sgd 8); thick toasts heavily soaked with eggs batter, one can easily perform this at home.

Alright, this reminds me that I seriously need a dose this weekened. Awww…

Penny University
401 East Coast Road,
Singapore 428997.
Tel: 9021 3959
Opening Hours:
Tue – Thu: 8.30am – 6pm

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