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If you asked me, where is my favourite chilled caffeinated drink?! I would say Muddy Espresso from Penny University but that’s down south in our neighbour country. What about in KL?! That would be Coffee 5 Cups!!! This has been our frequent place for coffee, for its ambience and cosiness, and hearty comfort food.


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Coffee 5 Cups is about 2 months++ old, managed by a pair of lovely husband and wife couple Jo Hann and Kayo. In Coffee 5 Cups Jo Hann is the chef of, working in the kitchen and cooks really good dishes while Kayo is the barista, brewing beautiful cups of coffee from organic hand-picked Balinese coffee beans. They practice fair-trade principle and their coffee beans are directly from the hilly communities of Bali, Indonesia. The selected beans do not contains chemicals at all; no chemicals are involved in growing, production and roasting of beans.



Grumpy bear, their mascot


Hot Cappuccino (Rm 8.50)


Iced Cappuccino (Rm 9.50)
I still prefer their cold caffeinated drink. This ice cappuccino was milky. Notice there are white and brown cubes floating up?! That’s the cream flavoured ice cube in white and coffee ice cube in brown. So you get to enjoy your glass of cold coffee without having them diluted. The ‘kao’-ness remains!



Hokkaido Coroquettes (Rm 7.50)
A set of pumpkin cheese and potato chicken coroquettes with Japanese tonkatsu sauce. As the pumpkin was sold out, we had the corn one. Pretty good!



Beef Potato Pie (Rm 7.50)
Sizzling minced meat and mash potato pie, perfectly baked. Very hearty.



Pan Seared Salmon & Cream Sauce (Rm 18.40)
Cream sauce al dente spaghetti tossed with shimeji mushrooms and served with a slice of pan-seared salmon. You could opt to have it done spicy or non spicy. We had it done spicy and it was really spicy. It would be perfect if we go after a milder version. But then, it was still great. Love the fragrant cream sauce and earthy shimeji mushrooms in our spaghetti.



Chicken Teriyaki Open Sandwich (Rm 10.90)
Grilled teriyaki chicken and cucumber slices served on slices of melted-cheese toasted sunflower seed bread. This reminds us of chicken rice!!! The grilled chicken slices were tender, with the cucumber and parsley and the soy-sauce-teriyaki sauce, it mimic the chicken rice flavour, except, this was on the toast.



Hokkaido Soufflé Cheese Cake



Banana Date Cake (Rm 8.50)

The cakes I have tried are not my thing and the later one was tad dry to my liking. Wanna try their pumpkin syrup cake but we were told that it is seasonal. Heard that their carrot cake is good too, gotta make another visit for it soon.


A beautiful view from the cafe, overlooking the palace.

Coffee 5 Cups
No B-0-17, Plaza Damas 3,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
(Located opposite Hartamas Shopping Centre)
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday – 11am to 7pm.
Saturday & Sunday – 11am to 9pm
Closed on Mondays

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Comments (10)

Love the Chicken Teriyaki open sandwich, Shepherd’s Pie, the croquettes and the iced coffees here! 😀

The Hokkaido Soufflé Cheese Cake not good meh? Tried their carrot cake before…it was pretty good =)

hmmm, i am just not so into their cheese cake. I myself prefer those soft fluffy type.
will try their carrot cake next! with another cup of cappuccino 🙂 ice one!

Yay! Their Smoked Salmon Open Sandwich is good too =)

yah i was wondering what the flavoured ice cube was ! Wow.. what a cool creation.. and you do love your coffees huh? 😀

yea, i fancy coffee a lot. they are my weekly dose. hehe

I haven’t been over that way for a while. Looks like spot to try out.

time to revisit 🙂

I love the Chicken Teriyaki open sandwiches too! Wish they’d expand their menu, cause they are talented cooks! Also think they should serve small bottled beer, that would go really well at night where the view is great from the cafe (they have an indoor and outdoor seating area)!

yaya, i do wish they would expand the menu. their stuff is really good, very hearty
just can’t wait to revisit again!

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