Home, I don’t wanna come home…

  • Sumo

Guess I have been away from the blog-sphere for quite some times (I’m out-dated). Well, I am back now! 😛

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21 thoughts on “Home, I don’t wanna come home…”

  • Sounds like you really had a great time for your trip.

    Welcome back and looking forward to sharing your great trip.

  • I spotted the egg tart!! So you ate that in KFC? Can't wait to read more about your further reviews. And saw a lot of nice food too, pao, noodles…

    Got bring souvenirs back a? Haha, just kidding. 😀

  • jdexign,
    yeah, i had a great fun time during my trip. sadly, it ended up so soon. sobz. wish i could be there longer…

  • sugar bean,
    hahaha, i went to KFC fro their eggtarts. slurrrrrpppp. love them and i miss them a lot!

    ur souvenirs … guess i have given all out. wahahaha. jz kd, still with me lar. will forfit it if u dun wanna come back. dun forget my souvenir from UK ya.


  • bigboysoven,
    kekeke, miss the food over there!

    i will try my best. but please wait, k?! cz i am kinda slow in selecting and managing and writing

    simon seow,
    it's summer now. they dun really have dog meat. well, i must say, dog meat is quite nice 😛 please dun ban me or something. tried it once 2 years ago and it is quite good


  • jimmy tham,
    dear, i bought only 5 lovely hair clips. u want it??? i bet u dun use them as well. and, i change only RM 300 for my 10 days trip. i myself also not enough use. can't expect too much… i din buy enough.


  • Welcome back IVY!!! Long time didn't hear from you ler….hehe
    Why don't wanna come home??? Hehehe…so happy kah…don't miss your blogosphere friends mer? =)

  • christy,
    haha, of course i do miss the frens from blog-sphere. but shen zhen's food are really good and irresistable!!!


  • yau mou~ I heard you bought a souvenir for a special someone *ahem*

    the famed egg tart of china.. hail glorious yam tart..

    you owe me this time for introducing you to such a delight.

    did anyone just said macau portugese tart? fuck it =P

  • jimmy tham,
    o_O my special someone-s are the 5 gals lor. want me to count you in my ji-mui's circle?! u gotta wear skirt. wahahaha… well, i know u dun mind wearing skirt.

    dunno how is the taste of macau portugese egg tarts. planning to go there next year ler… and HK as well.

    i miss food in china!!! Awww

  • faster update dear!!
    I have no time to update mine! haha… missin' u here.I can't wait to be back!

  • christine,
    dear, u are real 'sooong' lar…
    travelling all over with chris and eat and play and have so much fun there. wait til u back then only blog about it lar. by that time, u are super free ler… can blog every day. FUN

    thanks, all delicious food!

    The Envoy,
    sighhhh, i dun wish to come back. sobzzz

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