Yong Tau Foo & Hakka Mee @ Restoran Melido 美丽都茶餐室, Seremban


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Aside from Tow Kee for hakka mee (well, their opening time is always in the afternoon which I don’t get to meet them, everytime), here is another place I frequent the most for the hakka mee and a very affordable yong tau foo. Under the roof of Restoran Melido or only Lido (if you see their old sign board up on the wall), there are a variety of hawker type food for you to choose from.



My favorite stall – yong tau foo


Look at the yong tau foo’s variety!!! From eggplants to bittergourd to tofu to fish cake that stuff with different ingredients such as onions chilies or long bean. Each piece of yong tau foo is only priced at 50 sen.





The egg plants are stuffed kinda differently. Instead of the fish pastes are sandwiched in between the egg plant slices, their version is vice versa, where by the eggplants are sandwiched in between the fish paste. Yummay!



Hakka mee here is not bad too, manned by this uncle of the stall.


A sincere bowl of hakka mee, springy noodles brimmed with minced meat, light sauce, sesame oil, lard oil and final touched of chopped spring onions. Of course my favourite still goes to Tow Kee Hakka Mee, but if Tow Kee is not opened, here is my alternative.


Not to forget ta-pao some yong tau foo home. My family always gets 40 to 50 pieces on each visit.

Restoran Melido
1, Jalan Utam Singh,
70000 Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan

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I wonder are you working in Seremban or reside in Seremban because I remember your earlier day food blogs are more focus on KL together with Kanmpongboy and citigal but recently…..most of your food blog is talking food in Seremban.


Hi tai,
I used to work in seremban last time but now I am working somewhere near to seremban.
I will still cover food in kl as I’m staying in kl 🙂
Will do my best to update more on kl food


50cents is cheap for YTF!

yes, indeed!
and super yummy too!

The price is very friendly! Wow and the eggplants are sandwiched in between the fish paste, means more fish paste, sound good. 😀

very affordable. you should ask kenny mah down to seremban for a try 😛 you guys sure like it. but then coffee wise, i dun find any good one in seremban. not even kopi in those kopitiam lor >.<

Thank you so much for this post! Although I am orang Seremban…I also dunno what’s serve here. I’ve asked my colleague to confirm on the exact location. I think I wanna go tomorrow la….hehe…. 😉

hahaha, read your post and you went!
made me craving for it larrrr. hungry!!!
can only wait til my oncall day next month then only can make visit.

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