Next Station Noodle House 百家村面家 @ Section 19, PJ

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Haven’t written about noodle dishes for the longest time and here I present…

Next Station Noodle House 百家村面家

A hidden gem that is located in Section 19, this is a noodle specialty shop that serves Bukit Bakar’s specialty – soupy and tummy-warming noodles. Bukit Bakar is a village in Tapah, Perak and it is famous for its chicken broth stock that is boiled for at least 4 hours and made into 3 different types of noodles with this broth stock.


It’s pretty interesting to see the menu here. You will have to choose your soup base first, then choose your favourite in dry/soup/rice/or just soup only. And finally the type of noodles (mee hoon/ kuey teow/ mee) you prefer.


Ginger Wine with Egg (Rm 9.5)
Using the same chicken broth but with ginger wine added in for a kick; Came loaded with lots of ingredients such as kampong chicken, fish balls, pork slices, egg omelette, and garnished with chopped spring onions! This is definitely a tummy warmer that is always great to have it during the rainy day. Normally they serve a milder version of ginger wine soup as some may prefer lighter version of ginger wine. However, if you prefer something strong, you can always make a request when placing your order.


Tomato & Egg (Rm 9.5)
My fave! My fave!!!
Appeared in orangey-red and loaded with lots of ingredients, it was very appetising not just from the look but the taste as well! Sourish yet soupy. I drank the whole bowl of soup. Lovely!


Hakka Spicy Noodle (Rm 9.5)
Or also known as Pan Mee. Load it with lots of their special chili for extra ass-kicking effect!

Aside from the noodle dishes, they offer other Hakka specialty too!


Hakka Tofu Pok (Rm 5.7)
Huge stuffed tofu pok! Richly flavoured too! Be careful when eating this as the hot piping soup will burst out with a single bite!



Hakka Fried Pork Ball (Rm 7)
This is not just an ordinary pork ball, chewy, very well flavour and packed with mega flavours. Never leave without their fried pork ball, I assure you.


Bakar Village’s Stir-Pork (Rm 7)
Bukit Bakar’s Hakka style stewed pork that goes great with a bowl of fluffy white rice!


Kampung Chicken
Tender and smooth, must pair it with their special house made flavoured stir-fried ginger. I believed everyone will hook on this and even to those who dislike ginger, just like me!



Next Station Noodle House
No. 58, Jalan 19/3,
46300 Petaling Jaya.
Opening hours: daily from 9am to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm

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