La Zha Mee & Lucky King Bun @ Lukut, Negeri Sembilan

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If you are on your way to Port Dickson for a holiday, perhaps you should slow down your path and make a short visit to Lukut, fill up your tummy and maybe pack a huge bun for picnic too! And so, after my 2-hours-on-call in a ulu place, I brought my parents on a food hunt.



La Zha Mee or literally translated into “dirty noodles” in Cantonese is actually a type handmade noodles that made in really fine and thin strands. This family-run business was relocated from a dirty old market, that was why it is named as “La Zha” / dirty.


Gon Lou Min or the plain noodles tossed with dark soy sauce.


Dried version of noodles comes with a huge bowl of soup mix with ingredients of your choice such as fish balls, meatballs, pork, vegetables, squids, tofu, prawns, and or bean curd with fish paste. We had ours with pork, vegetables, squids, tofu, prawns, and bean curd with fish paste. With the additional of seafood, the soup turned out to be really fresh and sweet.



Fried noodles (Rm 4.50) that was stir-fried with pork slices and vegetables. This one caught our attention as it was filled with lots of wok hei with a touch of sweet ending, actually.


Loh Mee 罗面 (Rm 4.50)
The white soupy version of noodles was great too! The bowl of noodles was filled with lots of ingredients and every strand of noodles has soaked up the “loh”. Add in a few drops of vinegar for extra ohmmm!


Our total bill came up at about Rm 45 for above 3 plates of noodles, huge bowl of seafood soup and a cup of drink. Prisewise, it was considered reasonable for what we get; the seafood was fresh and the noodles’ portions were huge. We even take away the unfinished dried noodles and the seafood soup.



After satisfying your tummy, time for some picnic’s goodies (we had this ta-pao-ed home). Lucky King Bun which was just located a few steps away from “la zha mee”; their specialty – the gigantic bun with aluminium foil wrapped curry chicken hidden within the bun (Rm 28).


Once you have ordered it, the boss greased the bun with layer of butter before packing.


Buttery-fragrance soft fluffy bun, best to go with their very aromatic, thick and well spiced curry chicken.


Great as souvenirs too! There are other flavours too such as curry pork ribs (which is available after 2pm) and Dongpo pork.

Kedai Makanan & Minuman Mian Jiu 久拉揸面食
No. 1854, Jalan Besar,
71010 Lukut

Lucky King Bun (Lukut Seafood Restaurant) 好運海鮮飯店
No.4366, Taman Aman, Lukut,
71010 Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan.
TEL: 06-6512392
Business Hour: 11.30am til 11pm

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4 thoughts on “La Zha Mee & Lucky King Bun @ Lukut, Negeri Sembilan”

  • La Zha Mee looks interesting! Their Loh Min uses thin strand of noodles hor….
    I shall pay a visit n try La Zha Min…hehe….
    isit easy to locate?

      • Did u order add in a lot of prawns and squid and seafood in the soup? Which hike up the price to pay? Because the seafood is all based on the market price.

        I often will order only the fried la zha mee without additional of seafood soup.

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