Medan Selera Kheng Heong 瓊香海鲜饭店 @ Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, KL

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Chinese restaurants are always my pick when it comes to dinner with the family. Causal no frills restaurant, a variety of Chinese dishes to choose from and they all come with real wok hei. In search of new place for Chinese dishes, this one comes into my list.


Used to locate opposite the Brickfields police station has now situated at Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, Kheng Heong is the no frill restaurant that serves Chinese dai chow fares which is priced affordably. I find their dishes are pretty good, pretty homey (on those we have tried). Price wise, it was really affordable and cost us about Rm 160 for total of 8 pax.


Tit Gong Gai 铁公鸡 or known as Boxing Chicken is one of the signatures in Kheng Heong.
Presented in a mini drumstick-liked, the drummets were very well marinated, tender and juicy.



Another signature of theirs is this Spicy Braised Carp 鳙鱼头.
Fresh fish heads were braised and made in a Saucy way. Personally I don’t quite like it but the family loves it.


Tofu Soup (?) 豆腐羹
Very much like the braised shark fin soup except it was made with tofu. It was very well flavoured and a touch of vinegar did make a different to the soup, the sourish bits did boost up our appetite for the other dishes.



Oyster omelette
The eggs were stirred in with Oyster, crabstick and covered with chopped spring onions. Fragrant but slightly on the saltier side.


Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs



Medan Selera Kheng Heong
1, Lorong Syed Putra Kiri,
Jalan Syed Putra,
50460 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22733233

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