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Something simple but truly satisfying one, shall we?!


Since I am currently based in Seremban (during day time for work), I might as well start to explore this area.

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Seremban is kinda famous for Hakka Mee, one of them would be this – Tow Kee Hakka Mee.

It took me and my family some times to figure out how to place order when we were seated; the staff/boss would not drop by your table to take orders. So and then… I had to ‘thicken my face’ and ran to the cooking counter and told them what I want. Well, they may not be the friendly staffs you may meet; perhaps they were just too busy serving the others.

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The simple bowl of noodles satisfied my craving for the day. Their homemade noodles were really springy, topped with minced meat, seasoned with some light sauce and sesame oil and finally garnished with some spring onions. Kicked it up with dash of white pepper and pickled chilli. Just a simple bowl of noodles, and I found the OHMMMP I longed for in it.

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Priced at RM 3.30 (small), RM 3.70 (medium), RM 4 (large).
Skip the small portion and go for the medium one instead, anyhow, the medium portion is just right for you to slip in another one or two siew bao.

Besides the springy noodles, there is lou shu fen too. And I saw the next table having the mix of springy noodles and lou shu fen in a bowl. Aha, what an idea! Will go for it next time!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos; I was not equipped and could only rely on the phone. >.<

Tow Kee Hakka Mee is also available in Pasar Besar Seremban. If you love to have some beef noodles and hakka mee at the same time, visit the market.

Kedai Makanan Tow Kee/ Tow Kee Hakka Mee
94, Jalan Kapitan Tam Yeong,
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Opening hours: 12noon – 5pm

Tow Kee Hakka Mee
Stall 742, Pasar Besar Seremban,
Jalan Pasar, 70200 Seremban
Negeri Sembilan

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