IPOH: Kai Si Hor Fun @ Restoran Moon de Moon

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I had a 2D1N trip to Ipoh last week and it was an awesomely fruitful trip to my tastebuds and stomach XD! Let me share them one by one here.

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Restoran Moon de Moon

We departed earlier just to hit right here as our first stop for the kai si hor fun and dried curry mee, tucked inside this kopitiam. I have heard a lot (and also read a lot) about it, about the long wait and the crowd. Also, they close quite early too, at 1pm.

It was a Friday morning; we managed to snatch a table without waiting. Kai Si Hor Fun and Dried Curry Mee appeared on every table, ordered them and while waiting, we had something to munch on.

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Kopi was good, gao gao (strong) and aromatic.

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Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun
We had the mix version of prawn and char siu. Surprisingly, it was really good, silky smooth cheong fun with ingredient bits rolled inside, sprinkled with black and white sesame. And that bit of sambal chili gave an extra kick!

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Belacan Loh Shu Fen (Rm 8.5)
The fried noodle stall that is stationed next to the Chee Cheong Fun stall did pretty good stir-fried noodles. We randomly picked this Belacan Loh Shu Fen and it turned out great too; filled with real wok hei.

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Kai Si Hor Fun (Rm 7)
This shredded chicken kuey teow soup came after a short wait, about 20 minutes though there was not too much crowd that morning. It was loaded with great portion of shredded chicken, prawn and silky smooth kuey teow noodles, garnished with chopped spring onions, fried shallots and drizzled of prawn oil. Check out the orange-coloured soup broth, it was rich and laden with the prawn and chicken essence, more towards the prawn, I reckon. I love it. It was sweet, naturally sweet, adsorbing on the smooth hor fun. As you can see, the amount of the broth was just enough covering the noodles, the soup stock must be very precious. Delicious. I must say it really worth the wait. It is something I couldn’t get it in KL.

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Dry Curry Mee (Rm 7)
Came with chunks of potatoes and chicken, and thick curry gravy on a bed of noodles. A squeeze of lime is a must to give an extra tang to the curry mee. Quite a thick and aromatic version of dry curry mee but it was on the saltier side.

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Lastly, a bowl of mix pork balls and fish balls (Rm 1 each) upon recommendation from the noodle stall’s staff. Good stuff they were!

Restoran Moon de Moon
148, Hala Wah Keong,
Taman Mirindi, 31400 Ipoh.
Tel: 012-516 0485
Opens from 7am till 1pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

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