Breakkie fares @ Lou Yao Kopitiam 老友茶餐室, Taman Bukit Angsana

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My favourite pork noodles from Machi Noodles 妈子面 (previously known as Jia Xiang Pork Noodles) has shifted to somewhere in Bukit Anggerik. But I don’t really like the environment there, being it was a little stuffy and warm in that place. So, time to check out the new place.


I actually spotted this kopitiam during those times I came here for Jia Xiang Pork Noodles. Somehow, I didn’t manage to give a try because of my love over the pork noodles. Finally I made my visit here, I found pretty good stuff and their iced kopi and teh are pretty decent too!


Curry Wanton Mee (Rm 5.5) is my new favourite now. I would love to come here on Sundays morning for a sinful bowl of curry wanton noodles which is loaded with lots of santan (coconut milk) and brimmed with ingredients such as taufu pok, pigskin, bean sprouts, long bean, cockles and homemade char siu. Creamy and rich but at the same time it wasn’t too overwhelming.




Okay lahhh, here also got chee yoke fun (pork noodles) which tasted pretty okay too though the soup base was not as sweet as the one from Jia Xiang’s. Somehow, their pork slices and minced pork were smooth and fragrant.


Last but not least, check out the stir-fry stall sitting at one corner. Our order of Yin Yong was a typical type. Topped with veg, fish cake slices, pork slices and egg; filled with lots of wok hei but the broth was a little bland to us.

Think I should hunt down the curry wanton mee again either on the weekend or coming holiday again. Suddenly have a crave over it! 

Sorry that I couldn’t allocate the exact address. But it’s somewhere around this Jia Xiang Chee Yoke Fun’s old place!

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