Pork noodles @ YuYi Kopitiam, Pudu

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I was having brain block and the brain turned jelly after work, everyday. Really hate my jellied brain which then became stone… Okay, cut the crap and move on to the main topic.


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Rise and shine! Decided not to waste the time spending in bed sleeping and lazing on a beautiful Sunday, and so I was here hunting down the real good bowl of pork noodles early in the morning. If you have been following me on instagram or dayre, I had this some of the Sundays too, as tea time or lunch or dinner, where parents ta-pao them home. But last Sunday, I decided to hunt it down.


Located at Lorong Brunei 2 in Pudu, there is this superb yummy pork noodles hidden inside this kopitiam and it is often said to be the busiest stall. On our visit, we waited for about 40 minutes to be served. The uncle informed that there was a queue of 30 bowls before our order, so that we can wait with patience.

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Yong Tau Foo to kill time while waiting for the pork noodles. These Yong Tau Foo(s) are selling fast too!

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A glorious bowl of pork noodles (Rm 5.5 for small and Rm 6.5 for large; with extra liew Rm 8) with your choice of noodles (mee suah, kuey teow, noodles, mee hoon) filled with coagulated pork blood cubes, liver, mince pork ball, intestine, pork slices and also kidney (which I opted out); garnished with chopped spring onions, fried shallot crisps and the crunchy deep fried lard bit. The meat and innards were fresh while the minced pork was at the right proportion of fatty and lean meat. What I fancied most is the milky broth which was flavourful and sweet. Love the rich milky broth that was flavoured with pork bones simmered for long hours, which then gave a distinctive sweetness broth. Another highlight would be the chopped Chinese cabbage (or sometimes another type of vege like this day’s). This little vege absorbed the essence of the broth and it turned out to be extra sweet. I don’t often have noodles or such heavy dish as breakfast. But for this, I slurped up everything because it is very addictive.

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So if you are asking me which would be my favourite between this and the one in Machi Noodles 妈子面, hehe, the earlier broth has got delighting sweet taste while the latter one has got rich soya sauce sweet taste. As for now, I love this one in Pudu.

pudu (11)

A note from me, be prepared and expect to wait about 30 minutes to be served with your bowl of pork noodles. Worth sacrificing the Sunday sleeping hours??? YES!!!

Kedai Kopi Yuyi
2, Lorong Brunei 2,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Business hours: 7am to 12 noon.

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2 thoughts on “Pork noodles @ YuYi Kopitiam, Pudu”

  • Hi Ivy,

    Thank you for your blog. Wish to share more places on Pork Noodles. Yuyi is worth waiting for. Ever tried Kui Lam @ Tmn Yulek? It’s worth trying. Further down the road from Yuyi Jln Brunei, there is a good curry meeting 168. Wanton mee is OK. Thanks for your write up.
    Happy eating!

    • Hi Julian,

      thanks for your comment and recommendation. I do need a lot of input like this!!! Really appreciate it. 🙂

      Yea… I tried Kui Lam but I am not a fan of theirs. Maybe not my luck again. Their pork is pretty mushy and kind of… not fresh. and the soup is no like other pork bone soup, no rich at all.

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