The Best Hokkien Mee 炭炒福建面 @ Balakong

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I always pass by this hokkien mee stall when I am moving towards the balakong or seri kembangan area. I get attracted to its sign, saying that they serve the best hokkien mee in town. And every time I passed by, it was fully seated, packed with crowds, especially on the weekends. Curiosity arose and so I decided to check it out with my family.

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The Best Hokkien Mee 炭炒福建面

The stall is located along Jalan Balakong, at the side of the road, sharing the same area with the furniture stores, or furniture world(?) Not sure if that area is considered as the 家私城. The Best Hokkien Mee stirs up a variety of small fry noodle and rice dishes and some nibbles and simple vegetable dishes to go with the noodles.

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Do come early if you are planning to visit on the weekend, or else you will have to wait on the queue.

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Cantonese Bihun with Kueh Teow 广府炒鸳鸯 (Rm 11)
The bihun was fried into its crispiness, paired with kueh teow, and drenched in the Cantonese fried’s gravy. It is filled with good wok hei.

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Yong Chow Fried Rice 扬州炒饭 (Rm 11)
Simple fried rice with each rice grain was fried into 粒粒分明 , richly seasoned.

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Traditional Hokkien Mee 福建面 (RM 26 for 2 pax)
This dish took some time and came up the last, but still fast. Glossy in dark soy sauce, charcoal fried and tossed with some real wok hei and a handful of crackling lards. It was on the sweeter side as compared to the others; in quite a good flavour but I do have my best Hokkien Mee in my heart .

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The must have with Hokkien Mee – the sambal chili !

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Fried Pork Belly with Fermented Beancurd 南乳花腩 (Rm 20)
Very well-seasoned and deep fried into perfection.

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The stir fried dishes here can be quite flavourful, on the side with heavier seasoning or MSG-filled. For those who eat cleaner and clearer, their dishes may be overly salty to you. We ended up being quite thirsty after the meal, quite MSG-loaded we felt; or maybe it was just happened on that day. The wok hei is there but not considered as “the best” as we find there are also many better ones out there. As for myself, I do have my own best in my heart.

So, do share me where is your best hokkien mee find!

The Best Hokkien Mee
Balakong, 43300 Cheras.
Opens from 6pm onwards

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