Going Kemaman (Part 1) + Restoran Kemaman

  • Sumo

I had a trip to the east – Kemaman with my family in the end of May; to welcome the arrival of summer! We have chosen this place was because there is beach; and also to unwind and have a break from the hectic schedule.


There isn’t much Chinese restaurant here. We started our Kemaman trip with Restoran Kemaman for lunch. They served quite homely taste food and stuffed crab. Well, Stuffed crab is everywhere in Kemaman!


Stuffed Crab. The mix of minced crab meats, onions, and some other ingredients, and finally filled in back; covered with a thin batter and deep fried into golder brown. it tasted okay and not the best throughout this trip.


Stir-fried Mantis prawn with dried chilies.




Steamed fish was really juicy and fresh.

Verdict: Tastewise, the dishes made were very homely taste and The seafood were really fresh. Pricewise, i can’t remember how much exactly for all these but the stuffed crab was RM 8 per crabbie. 

Location: A few door steps next to Restoran Tong Juan.


Resort where we stayed








Love the sandy warm beach ♥


Schedule is getting more and more hectic 🙁 Please forgive me for the “more photos and less descriptions” concept ya XD

and Weekend is soon arriving. Have a great weekend 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Going Kemaman (Part 1) + Restoran Kemaman”

  • You have got to try the keropok in terengganu since now you are there. It is really good!!!
    My name is aiwei too. have been reading your blog for some times. Try to do more recipe blogs.LOVE IT.

  • Hmmm… Ai Wei, could you tell me where is Kemaman located? The beach is so beautiful.. It's been awhile since I last been to beach with my gf.. haha..

  • i been there, ya, the stuffed crab not that impressed. by the way, where you bought that slipper, thinking to buy for my daughter .. Thanks.

  • 孤傲的王子,
    the stuffed crab tasted okay. hmm, if you were there for vacation or passing by, do have a try 🙂

    yeppp, i tried. and it took me a long time to locate a stall that is actualy selling keropok @@
    haha, you are ai wei too. thanks for reading my blog ya. do drop by more often 🙂 thanks for supporting, i will try on more recipe and sharing up here.

    somewhere in singapore,
    kekeke, i miss the beach now

  • WyYv,
    kemaman located at pahang there. errr, 30-40mins drive from kuantan. hehe, wanna bring ur gf there?

    hello. thanks for dropping by.

    lol, 2months ago e. wish to have more holiday!

    the stuffed crab quite oily also. so far, the best i have had is from tong juan. will post bout it soon.
    the sandals i got it from jusco. only rm30, if not mistaken.

    hehe ^^

  • WyYv,
    sorry, MY MISTAKE, kemaman is actually in terengganu. about 30-40mins drive from kuantan.

    simon seow,
    kemaman kat terengganu :)terengganu

  • wow~~~~ love the beach there!!!! I wish to travel while i m in the midst of my bz-ness of working lo!!

  • lisa717,
    me too me too me too! i need a break so badly ><

    it's a distinct in terengganu 🙂

  • Glad to hear that you found the keropok!come visiting again..too bad you haven updated yet!But still enjoy your blog!

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