5 Element Mooncakes @ Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant, Nikko Hotel

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Yue Liang Yuan, Yue Liang Yuan, Yue Liang Zhao Zai Wo De Jia…


The radio stations are starting to play this song or some songs related with the moon and mid autumn festival.Besides that, you can see the shopping complexes or the supermarkets are now having mooncake promotion!


This year, Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant @ Nikko Hotel has something different for the mid autumn festival – the additional of 5 Basic key elements into the mooncake. 




Each element is represented by specific colour, bringing harmony and auspicious overtones for this celebration.


(From Front to the Back)

Mini Pumpkin Paste with Cream Cheese and Gold Dust
Mini Durian Paste with milk Cream
Both are in white represent METAL element (or gold). Metal indicates harvest, business and success (financial).

Mini Green Tea Paste with Single Egg Yolk
Green in color represents WOOD element. Wood is creative and innovative, socialable and community minded.
Very strong and intense with green tea flavour, something I love 🙂

Mini Bamboo Charcoal and Egg Cream Paste with Silver Dust
Black in color represents WATER element. Water nourishes all living things. Water indicates travel, communication, and learning; also relates to literature, arts and media.
You May think why water isn’t in blue color?! Well, that’s the real colour behind the water in the five elements.

Mini Japanese Anko Paste with Rose Flavour
Pink in colour represents FIRE element. Giving energy and enthusiasm, an element of natural leader, brings warm and cheers too.

Chocolate Paste with Mixed Nuts.
Brown in colour represents the EARTH element. Giving stability and related to real estate and legacies. Earth is patient, just, honest and methodical.
It was real chocolaty and there were chunks of dark chocolate and mixed nuts in the mooncake. 


Best of all, the mooncakes are non sweet 🙂


Besides the snow skin mooncake, you may also find the traditional baked mooncakes
White Lotus and Single Egg Yolk
Pure White Lotus Paste with Nuts
Pandan Paste with Egg Cream and Walnuts
Red Bean Paste with Sunflower Seeds
White Lotus with Double Egg Yolk.

mooncake nikko

(left) Traditional Baked Mooncake; (right) Snowskin Mini 5 Elements Mooncake
I heart the one with Pandan Paste. it was non sweet, fragrant and intense with natural Pandan flavour.


also, We had a chance to watch the demonstration of mooncakes making on spot!


Chef Lo Tian Sion

mooncake nikko 2

Chef Lo Tian Sion was demonstrating the snowskin mini bamboo mooncake making process.

mooncake nikko1

Citygal tried a hand on making mooncake 🙂 she has made a great pretty piece ^^ Talented e *wink*


For every RM 100 spent in a single receipt for moon cake purchases, you will be entitled a RM 10 Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant Dining Voucher.

Purchases of 5 boxes and above, you will be entitled to a Zi Wei Dou Shu 紫微斗数 (the purple star system) or Ba Zi 八字 (the 8 characters) reading by Madam Leong Siew Wei, Chinese Astrologist. 

Mooncakes are available from 1st August to 22nd September 2010
To order your mooncake, please call 03-2782 6128
or you can make purchases at The Deli and Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant.  

Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant
Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur
165, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 1111
Fax: 03-2161 1122 

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32 thoughts on “5 Element Mooncakes @ Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant, Nikko Hotel”

  • wow… i like the mooncakes so much… the color is very attractive^^ really love those very much… haha.. 'wow' piece huh.. =D

  • WyYv,
    yeppp, i love mooncakes a lot too. and love the new idea of mooncakes nowadays, they are all very good and health conscious 🙂

  • Yup, ppl are creating something new which looks more and more attractive + the ingredients they use are really good for health too, non-sweet as u said is an example.. I was wondering whether these mooncakes are expensive? Really planning to get a set of those 😀

  • WyYv,
    ahh, my mistake for not putting up the price here. forgotten to list them into the post.
    for the 5 element snowskin mooncake, each priced at RM 13. while the traditional baked type, priced at RM 16 – 21. 🙂 and this is best as present for family/relatives 🙂

  • aiks….u were there too….how come i dun see u one….guess it is time for me to speed up to publish this….really ncie to know how they did their mooncake….

  • WyYv,
    you are most welcome 🙂

    oh?! you were there too? i went at night wor…
    yep, their mooncake are really really special

    yeaaahhh, the durian one is really similar like eating the real durian. lolx

    cute hor?! petite but luxury 🙂

  • somewhere in singapore,
    kekeke, ya lor, mid autumn festival is soon coming! fast!

    lolx, too bad, am not a durian fave. ><

    yes they really are!!! and yummy too

    simon seow,
    agree agree. time really flies. sobzzz

  • you're friend of uLi? because both of you have the same post about the 5 elements mooncake. btw, i like the gold mooncake texture..lol

  • chenlin,
    haha, have been reading for uli's blog for some times and yes, got to meet her on that night 🙂
    i love the one in gold too! looking luxury 🙂

    the mooncakes from nikko hotel are really good.

    for the 5 element snowskin mooncakes, each priced at RM 13. while the traditional baked type, priced at RM 16 – 21. 🙂 and this is best as present for family/relatives 🙂

    lol, it's out on 1st aug mar, so posted it up lo. nice meeting you again on that night 🙂 good to see you

  • Moon cakes! Oh my god. If you taste those moon cakes you will feel that you are in heaven. I can still remember the time when I ate a moon cake.

  • Wow, really nice photos. And if those lovely mooncakes are presented before me, I'll really "bu she de" to eat. Lol. Nice post, and I like the colours of your photos too.

  • i was there at noon time…oh yeah…u were with uli, ken during the night…for sushi making too rite….cant make it at night cause got family dinner…heard the jap food is superbly nice n yummy…too bad, cannot meet u on that night.

  • wow .. looks delicious 🙂
    these mooncakes are more expensive compare to last time but more various choices for us to choose now ..

  • witch,
    ya lor, my brothers like the durian. but i can't stand it 😛 love the green tea one.

    sugar bean,
    sorry to tempt you with the mooncake lar. haha. but since it's a festive season, guess it's good to share it with you and bean over there 🙂
    i was kind of bu she de to eat too. but it has to be finished up in 3days because no preservatives are added. keke

    where got. we were not served with that only. if not i will eat de 🙂

  • squall,
    green tea one nice 🙂

    ya lor, agree, time really flies…
    fast hor?

    dining sets,
    :)))) hehe

    ohhh, you were there at noon. aiks guess there are chances to meet up again de 🙂

    ms sarah,
    yes, agree and all towards a healthier choice

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