• Sumo

It was a sunny day with cool breeze
You were sitting by the flowery garden
with rose bushes, tulips, sunflowers and some petite wild flowers

On the pretty Victorian style white garden table
Placed the classic and hand painted bone china tea set
With English Earl Grey tea in the tea pot
and the filled up elegant tea cup

There was the tier platter of delicately prepared scones
petite pretty cakes
and pastries…

Stop Stop Stop
Stop those imaginations!
It must be the effect of being ‘grounded’ in the house
and being ‘fed’ with
Tasteless tutorials
Bland books
Nasty notesss…

Exams are torturing
Physically and Mentally and Spiritually…

I wish to have…….


A tea party with buttery sconesss…

and wish for the time to stop

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