‘O’ for Olympic!

  • Sumo

In conjunction with the Olympic 2008 in Beijing, McD came out with a new set meal — the gold medal meal set.

Let’s have a look on how worth for the money it is?!

See, the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe burger, the regular size of drink, the chocolate sundae and…

The onion rings (or you can opt for a large fries if you don’t like onion rings) and I got a small fries (which is not included in the set) for free ^^

And you are entitled to get the limited edition of cola glass for FREE!!! All at just RM 15.40 (tax included), isn’t it a great deal?!

Glad that me and Ting Fang able to grab 2 sets for us. A set came with burger, drink, fries, desserts and limited edition glass! Perfect for our night-out 😛

Olympic game is staring tomorrow. Gonna grab a bag of chips and sit back and relax and watch the LIVE opening ceremony. Same to all of you, must not miss out this happening event!

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13 thoughts on “‘O’ for Olympic!”

  • j2kfm,
    oh… that small fries, i got it b’cz i have my brother’s member card. so, everytime make purchases, can get a small fries or cone ice cream for free ^^

    it think the glass is worth to keep as memory or something. it’s all bout the olympic!

  • I managed to watch the spectacular opening and countdown for the Olympic games just now with my housemates 🙂
    amazing… haha..

  • christine,
    hey dear, i watched the opening ceremony too! it was fantastic and they performed well in the opening especially bringing out the history or china. cool!

    Ms 2 be,
    you have 4 of them?! wow!!! will you get the fifth?!

  • I missed the opening because my dorm has no tv and then youtube ban them all ;( *goes to grab one McD set and indulge*

  • durianberry,
    aiks aiks. maybe can watch repeat if can? it is a must not miss-out-show. i m sure in future time there will be on tv (when u back to hometown o something)

    cheer up!

  • jackson,
    hurry up and grab at least 1 😛

    i have collected only 1. love the ‘swimming’ glass a lot!

  • i thought onion rings are only available during the kungfu panda promotion…hmmm…

    i still prefer A&W's! ;D

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