A Sudden Blue…

  • Sumo

There is a sudden of blue mood with me. I don’t know why. All of a sudden, I feel sad. Sigh… i feel like crying too. What I can do now is keep sighing…

What’s the problem with me?! My mood is really down. No one can talk to me. Best Friend in kedah busy with her studies because she is having exam soon. Best Friend in TBS having exam too. Best Friend in UK is busy with her essays. Besides, that’s impossible for me to talk to her on phone as the calling cost would be very expansive. By the way, she has not got my letter. I posted it last Monday. Today is already Friday. Mr. Postman, please don’t lost my letter to her.

PS. Congratulation to Jimmy that he got what he wants. Don’t worry so much!
Good luck in yours exam, ching, fang and khee. And so to you all, my friends.

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