useless me, brainless me

  • Sumo

I’m not pleased at all. Why my dad always asks me when my examination is? How is my preparation? I don’t like he asks me about all these. I hate him when he compares my results with his friend’s daughter. Sigh. He does that always. Hate!!!

To tell you the truth, I prepared nothing. Trial is in the mid of November. I have nothing about books in my mind. Not at all. No bio’s facts, no chem’s info. Not a single stuff except TV programmes, my meals and sleeping in my brain.

I know. People do a lot better than I am. I have put in my best efforts to do the very best I can. However, it came out a very disappointed result. *the result is ok but no universities want me* I am really fed up after I got my results in august. Now that I have to re do all over again (on parents’ wish). I have no time, no hope and no strength. All the while (these few months), I just sit at the sofa with the TV remote control and watch TV from morning till night. My friend always asks me to study but I can’t put the strength together. I forgot what I’ve learnt last time.

I know I’m cheating on myself. (And my friends). I told them I’d studied. Indeed, I have done nothing at all. I felt sorry to everyone especially my parents. They raise me up, give me a good condition to study and to live, show me the direction of what to do in the future, provide me all the best with their efforts. They just want me to score well in the exam to enter a better university, but I can’t follow as they said. They’re my entire fault. My fault.

I know I am going to disappointed them once again. I don’t think I can do better than the previous. With my very best efforts also, I tend to forget what I’ve studied lately. Today while having tea with friend, I could not answer her questions she set on spot. How brainless I am!

I really don’t know how to face the exam. Hopeless…

*lots grammar mistake, sorry*

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3 thoughts on “useless me, brainless me”

  • Sorry bout wat i asked u this afternoon…. i dunno my ques had giv u so much of pressure! very sorry bout that….

  • Well, in this case i cant help you much. What i would suggest that is you really think of what you are interested in. No matter what or whether your parents agree or not. Discuss it with them.

    If there is a field which you are interested in. And require better Pre-u results, make sure you study. It’s not easy(as myself is as lazy as you), but give your self some pressure. A bit of pressure on your self wouldn’t cause any stress and it’s essential to keep your life going on disciplinely.

    Luckily, my parents would not compare my results with others. But me myself would do that, damn eu wye. I am very jealous of you, you know.

    well, you know. You might not have the best results in A levels, it might because it’s point of interested. The classic way of study(study, memorise and pracise, then 3 hours to determine life and dead) is not really suitable for you. get into any university, choose a field on studies which you are interested with, maybe the “guai lou” style is more suitable for you.

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