I hate exams!

  • Sumo

I’ve quit from my job. My last day was 30th September. Everything was normal on that day. There was nothing much special as I still have to do from copying to photocopying.

I’ve resigned from the job make me even lazier than usual. Since stating of October, I am staying at home. Do the normal 3 things, eat sleep and watching television. Actually I should have start revising and studying as my trial exam is coming soon. 4 months passed. I’ve forgot what I’ve learnt. I’ve forgot what the teachers have thought. How am I going to sit for the exam? Now I’ve just less than a month time. Less than 30 days. I’ve to finish all the 5 books of my biology and chemistry. Do you think I’ve enough time for everything? Besides, I’ve to take practical examination. Worse is that, I’ve forgot the way to do experiments, those chemical reagents and effects and planning. Oh my! I am very sure that I can’t finish. I can’t focus at all. So many books are waiting for me. Genetic stuff in bio is my weakest part. Start studying it really takes my life. I hate it so much! There are so many things I don’t understand. These and those. All I can say is, I hate genetics!!!

listening to ayumi hamasaki’s heaven now. this is a nice song.

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3 thoughts on “I hate exams!”

  • seriously that song not nice, Mean ayumi – heaven

    hmm, i am setting another blog now, currently in beta stage only

    Good luck and all the best ba

  • yup yup, agree that heaven is a nice song. VERY nice song.

    hey, just look forward and work hard. dont look backwards and think of what u forget, it’ll only burden u. just do whatever u can, like there’s no tomorrow. i’m sure u’ll be able to handle it in the exam.

    good luck always…

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