Chipta 11A Curated Dining @ Seapark, PJ

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Chipta 11A Curated Dining

Located at PJ Seapark, Chipta 11A Curated Dining is a curative dining restaurant led by Chef Jack, serving a unique dining experience which is very much different from the conventional omakase; his dishes always come with a special twist, tantalizing tastebuds and leaving you a wow-ing experience

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So, if you guys are a die-hard fan of authentic Japanese omakase or fancy edomae style sushi, then it may disappoint you because you won’t be able to find a taste of Japanese flavour in here. I will suggest you guys to come with an open heart, wipe off the “Japanese cuisine” from your mind because it is totally not like Japanese cuisine in terms of flavours and experience.

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To be honest, I found it quite difficult to locate the premise. I walked up and down the street, looked out for this curated dining place and found nowhere until I called up for direction. This is an ultimate humble place, with just a small signage hang on the entrance; with simple minimalist interior.

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We had the Curated Dining Set priced at Rm 300 per pax, it comes with 10 to 12 dishes including starters, cold dishes, sushi, sashimi, hot kitchen items and dessert.

My friends and I had so much fun from this dining. We truly enjoyed our meal very much and even the sushi purist, Jessie also enjoyed the experience.

But first, we bought ourselves some drinks

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Cocktail No. 1 (Rm 25)
Sabah glutinous rice wine (lihing), Hendricks gin, grapefruit, lemon juice

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Cocktail No. 2 (Rm 25)
Sabah Glutinous rice wine (lihing), pineapple ginger syrup, kaffir lime zest

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Mocktail No. 2 (Rm 25)
Cucumber juice, pineapple ginger syrup, grapefruit juice, lemon juice

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Sourdough with chicken liver pate, sundried tomato.

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Salmon’s shirako, wasabi vinaigerette, tarab seed, cheese, kalian stem, tomato.
This was pretty interesting, seeing all the different components plating up in a dish. Also another unfamiliar element was added in, the tarab seed which is place in the same family as cempedak but taste like nutty pistachio.

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Kampachi aged 4 days, wakame, kaffir lime vinaigrette, pickled wasabi roots.
Sze and I licked clean the sauce. Tangy and very appealing to our tasbuds.

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Pickled: kanpyo (winter melon), cucumber, cabbage, daikon
Very interesting made pickled vegetables where they are also the essential ingredients in Japanese cuisine yet they didn’t taste anything like we found any in Japanese places. In fact, we found it quite Chinese. They work best as palate cleanser after each course or different sushi.

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Sushi were equally interesting too. Aside from the tangy and inviting shari, they were layered with textures and flavours. As I chewed the sushi and mixing them with the amylase, the flavours kept changing. You won’t be getting a flat tone throughout the chew but you will be getting different flavour on each chew.

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Shima aji aged 5 to 6 days, shoyu, crab roe, yuzu peel

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Langoustine Ebi from Argentina, shoyu, sweet miso paste, wasabi, mizuna
One word from me, amai!

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Blue mackerel salted for 28mins, put in vinegar for another 30mins, nitsuke sauce, tuhau.
My favourite among all the sushi I had. The texture and the flavour were very appealing, powered with wow-s. Very memorable. I must say it was very impressive. Tuhau, a special element from the ginger family, comes from the land of borneo was cooperating with sushi.

Chipta 11A (30)

Aburi Hamaguri, nitsuke, green chili paste, garden herbs.

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Tai, shoyu, lime zest, kaffir lime juice
Quite a refreshing one towards to ending, paired with tangy lime zest and kaffir lime juice.

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Ootoro, shoyu, spinach puree, smoked mountain salt
Finally the creamiest one to end our sushi course. Very buttery and rich. Yummm!

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Grilled barramundi, fish skin, chili paste, oyster mushroom, curry leaves powder.
Nicely grilled barramundi and turned spicy with a hint of chili paste, the oyster mushroom was flavourful. Portion was pretty generous. I’d find myself a little satiated after this fish course. And then we were presented with the next interesting course!

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Australian wagyu beef M6, yolk from Perak organic egg farm with fried garlic bits, mustard seed and button mushroom
So so so delicious with the eggporn moment! The beef turned was extra rich and creamy with a dip of the milky yolk! YUM!

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Duck aged 12 days, button mushroom, beetroot sauce, mustard sauce, celeriac sauce
For my friend who doesn’t take beef, chef presented her the duck. Duck was good too, tender and succulent meat with crispy skin, layered with its fat underneath!

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No Name Bowl
Dosed with a lot of ingredients such as ikura, engawa, anago, chopped kamachi and aji, crab floss, shari with assam jawa, topped with uni and wasabi roots. It was heavenly with everything dancing on the palate. I really love the shari, never know assam jawa could magically transformed the shari to a whole new level and to pair them with neta or made into don.

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Miso Soup with Yuzu Peel
This confused me as the miso soup was touched with yuzu peel, the ending had the yuzu flavour. I found this combo quite confusing but not refreshing after the many courses.

Chipta 11A (44)

Dessert was Carrot Cake with House Made Ice Cream, and we were served with 3 different kind of ice cream – Mixed Fruit of mango, papaya and persimmon; Vanilla Rice Wine and Kyuri (Japanese cucumber).

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We extra ordered the Anago Don (Rm 60) to be shared among us coz Jessie felt like trying. Quite a delicious bowl it was! They offer others rice bowl such as wagyu don, sashimi don, 22 days age duck don.

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Chipta 11A Curated Dining
11a, Jalan 20/16, Sea Park,
46300 Petaling Jaya.
Opens for lunch and dinner; closed on Mondays

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