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This summer, let’s indulge in SUMMER TRUFFLE in Champignons, Oasis Square!

As its given name, summer truffle is a variety of truffle that is only available and harvested during summer. Its flavour and aroma is milder, soft and delicate than the winter truffle. Using this seasonal ingredient, Chef Gary has curated a special menu; brilliantly infuses the summer truffle into every dish from amuse bouche to starter, and from main course to sweet ending. This menu is available until end of august only! Be sure to take this opportunity to indulge affordably.

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Summer Truffle Menu

Available from now until 31st August 2020
In Champignons, Oasis Square

Priced affordably at
Rm 138 per pax for 3-course
Rm 168 per pax for 4-course
Rm 208 per pax for 5-course

All starter and main course contains 5 grams of Summer Black Truffle

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White wine to start

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We started off with the homemade bread with aromatic butter. Warm and fluffy bread is always a plus point to warm up the stomach engine.

Amuse Bouche

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Beef tartar on toast and black truffle
Hmmm, so good I wish I could have another piece.


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Truffled Cauliflower Soup
Poached Japanese oyster, ikura and sunflower seeds
An intelligent combination, fusing the Japanese ingredients into French cuisine. I love the moment when the server poured the cauliflower soup, the aroma was very alluring. Also the time when the ikura burst on the palate; once the ikura met the soup, there was an extra umaminess lingering around the oral cavity, layering with the flavours from the other ingredients, not forgetting the special aroma of the summer truffle. Yummmm…

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Seared Foie Gras with Caramelized fig (supplementary Rm 15)
Black truffle, fig jam, red wine jelly, brioche and red wine jus
The combination was fruity and sweet, pairing well to the creamy and fatty seared foie gras. Must top up for this if you are a fan of foie gras!

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Carbonara with Egg Yolk Confit
Black truffle, streaky bacon, parmesan cheese foam
A very interesting start and it sounds like a deconstructed version of carbonara, the combination was quite a complex one to me. As I read the name before I tasted it, it confused me a little, took me a bit of time to process on the taste and whole combination. It was creamy, and the smoked bacon enriched the flavour of this dish. However, shallow me prefer the soup and foie gras over this.

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Main Course

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Wild Mushroom Risotto with Shredded Duck
Parmesan cheese, tempura oyster mushroom and jus.
Punched with earthy flavour of the wild mushroom and hinted with aroma of truffle; the risotto was cooked to perfection; each rice grain was very juicy.

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Truffled Chicken Breast
Butter potato puree, garden peas, white wine sauce and herb foam
This chicken breast was tender, sandwiching a layer of truffle; paired with buttery potato and herbs foam and garnished with a raining truffles. As it was a white meat, the flavour of the truffle stood out from the center. Delicious.

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Australian Beef Tenderloin (supplementary Rm 35)
Short rib tortellini, butter potato puree, broccoli and jus
Tender, flavourful and really very wow! As the red meat was very flavourful, the aroma of the truffle has become a little inferior in this dish. Anyhow, I still like the way Chef Gary made this dish.

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Baked French Duck Pie with Foie Gras (Rm 95) – from the a la carte menu
Dark cherry compote and duck jus
Thanks to the chef, we got to sample the signature dish of Champignons, also the must order! Fresh from the oven and that scent of the baked pastries filled up the air once it was served. The pastry crust was buttery and fluffy, encasing the perfectly cooked meat in the center, filled with juice and very meaty.

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This is a dish that is meant for sharing and requires a 30-minutes cooking time. Do be patience for it and it is worth waiting for!

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Strawberry Tart with Truffle Gelato
Red berry sauce and vanilla pastry cream
O.M.G! That truffle gelato was really wow! Punched with rich aroma of truffle and it was a savoury ice cream. Very very good that I hope the restaurant will keep this in their a la carte menu.

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Pandan Crème Brulee
Gula Melaka ice cream

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B-G-02, Oasis Square
Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-78322629
Opening hours: 11.30am to 3.30pm & 6pm to 10pm

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