Chefology X McCormick: Pan-Fry Stuffed Chicken Roll

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Year end is all about house warming and gathering. Potluck is always the best thing to go about for gathering. Pizza, pasta, turkey, grilled chicken and even siew yoke are gonna be on the dining table. Everyone will come up with their best dish for the guests to enjoy together. However, if you are not a good cook like me, here is one recipe you can copy and adapt to impress your friend. This will not fail, I assure!!!


Pan-Fry Stuffed Chicken Roll

2 slabs of chicken breast
Honey Leg Ham
Mozzarella Cheese
½ teaspoon McCormick Sea Salt Grinder
½ teaspoon McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder
½ teaspoon McCormick Chilli Ground
2 tablespoon McCormick Grilled Mates Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce

For Sauce:
5 tablespoons McCormick Grilled Mates Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce
Sufficient of water

How to do it:


1. Marinate the chicken breast with McCormick Chilli Ground, McCormick Sea Salt Grinder, McCormick Black Peppercorn Grinder and McCormick Grilled Mates Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce for at least 2 hours. *I normally will marinate it overnight for rich and better flavour.
2. Blanch the carrot and asparagus.
3. Layer the marinated chicken breast with ham, blanched asparagus and carrots and mozzarella cheese.



4. Roll it up and shape it with toothpick.



5. Heat up the oil on a pan.
My new helper in the kitchen is this Chefology 24cm frying pan that is made of die-cast aluminium with a six-layer coating that ensures a safer cooking experience.
6. Place the stuffed chicken breast roll on the pan and fry it with medium heat until it is charred and cooked.


7. Rest it a while and slice and plate the stuffed chicken breast roll
8. Lastly, bring the McCormick Grilled Mates Vintage Smokehouse BBQ Sauce and a little of water to boil; drizzle it on the slices of stuffed chicken breast roll.
9. Enjoy!




Check out the center of the chicken roll. Very colourful isn’t it?! And the oozing out melted mozzarella cheese. Yum!!!

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